Wednesday, March 1, 2017


No pancakes yesterday but I had some donuts and that filled the bill. I'm happy that it's March. My 'hairy baby' pot has sprouted and I'm enjoying watching the grass grow. I have a hollyhock sprouting and will cover it up for the two hard freezes to come this week. I'd love to see some blooms this year.

Got a reply from my San Antonio chica B that she still has a house after the tornadoes. She was driving through some of the worst of it though, so she has a story to tell. Extreme weather, here we are. I'm happy she didn't have property damage and is off to her cruise this month.

We are preparing to drive down to Austin/SA for spring break, leaving the 21st and coming back that Sunday the 26th. I won't see B there because of her cruise and I'm ambivalent. It's always fun to set out on a road trip. But neither of our cars is in extremely good condition. We're mostly going down to see Nod's college friends. They're friendly to me too and I enjoy them. But I feel like I'll be doing MIL and kid things rather than hanging with the my-age cohort. Also maybe I should just stay home and enjoy the quiet and save the pet sitting money. #hermitstyle

Bun just finished her Model UN sessions in Topeka. She got 'best delegate' in her council and had a good time overall. I'm proud. Kat missed out this year and I still feel badly about it. Since she started dishwashing she's already saved the money to go to Chicago next year. Last weekend she got to work the cold line and was happy about that change. I think she'll get to move on from dishwashing and work up front this summer. Good wishes to the cute little cafe that employs her.

The stomach flu knocked me down for a while. The recovery was slow, it felt as though I'd had surgery or something major. I resented it richly and complaining about it helped. Kat has a sore throat and cough and has been out of school two days. She's going to drag herself in for the short day and start the catching up process.

I just finished The Complete Dykes to Watch Out For vol. 1 and it was a lovely way to revisit the '90s. Is there a vol. 2? My search was inconclusive. Interesting to read about the political resistance in that era and see what matches the now and what's different. The book is one of the comic collection we got from Nod's good friend who died a few years ago. I think I should get a Hothead Paisan book to keep it company on our shelf. Oh, Chicken!

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