Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alley oop

We did the pros/cons consideration and decided to have the Dreadnought repaired. It has two cracked cylinder head gaskets. Which explains the oil leak and probably explains the pressure loss in TX too. My credit card company will love us as I add that on. But it's cheaper than a new car and we hope it'll get us through the next three years. Any other >$300 fix will signal its doom.

Nod seems to be picking up steam with his business. He's going on calls every day now and seems to be making things happen. I think we'll have a good idea by the end of May if it's full speed ahead or time to bail. He just told me last night that he's having a good time working for himself. Huzzah!

I'm busy menopausing and have questions. Where's that manual again? You would think that my body could tell that the 50th birthday is next month. It's hurrying up to meet deadline.

Re-reading The Truth by Terry Pratchett. A good comfort book. On the other end of the spectrum I just finished Fight Club and that was interesting. For me it teetered back and forth between seeming nostalgic (pre-9/11, big cheap used cars, no cell phones, urban slacker culture) and predictive (nihilistic young adults who lack any spiritual center or sense of possibility in the future).


I bought $25 dollars worth of plants at the educational garden center place. (No I can't explain what they do and no one else can either. Gardening! kids! nutrition! Who can argue?) It wasn't a lot of plants but they are all in great shape and are what I wanted. When I was planting the new peppermint plant I found a spearmint volunteer. So they're not all dead! The mints can battle it out but I'm hoping for a tie. It would be nice to have both. And dill and kale and at least one native wildflower.

So for future reference, plants went in the ground 4/23.

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