Friday, April 7, 2017


4/07/17 I am still in the midst of one of THOSE days.

I have been driving my high schooler to either her friend's house or the busstop about twice a week. This entails me interrupting my breakfast/coffee time. At the beginning of the school year I had made big noises about her taking the bus and getting herself to that school that she wanted to go to all the way across town. And it's time to make some more noise about it as the weather is fine and she can take care of this herself.

But this morning she went to the busstop and the bus didn't come. I suspect she was just late but didn't have time to plumb the depths of the mystery so I drove her to the downtown hub to catch the other bus. Which had left. So I drove towards the high school and overcame the bus and dropped her off a couple blocks ahead of it. I came in to work half an hour late.

I have been wondering about a bit of my left bosomy area since Wednesday. I was doing a crossword puzzle and brushed against it and it just felt different. I went in today to see my nurse practitioner and I will have a diagnostic mammogram next Tues. I feel that I need to keep this from my primary partner who is up to his eyebrows in new business stress. Once I have the info from the scan I'll bring him up to speed. [Told him over the weekend. We shared our various stresses. No one had a meltdown.]

On the way back from the doctor's office my car threw a Check Engine / flashing Cruise Control set of lights and became unresponsive to the gas pedal. I was almost to my parking lot and it was still moving forward somehow so I cruised very slowly into my parking lot... and around it... and into the next parking lot... until I found a space to park. I may get a ticket but at least I'm not blocking traffic.

The plan is to let the car rest quietly until 5:10. I'll check to see if I need to add fluid and then call Nod if it still won't go.

Am vibrating a bit.

We're supposed to have two of youngest's friends sleepover tonight. I need to go to the grocery store and get more powdered sugar and butter and vanilla for the frosting of the cupcakes. I have a few things to do.

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