Monday, April 3, 2017


Tumblr glee

Caracas coincidences
The band La Vida Boheme that moved recently to Mexico City because Venezuela is so dangerous these days. Heard on NPR (cuz old).

Trees are blooming, tulips are starting. Some of the tulip buds look like easter eggs on stems. The rain let up for a day but it was still gray and cold except for half an hour on Saturday. We're all waiting for the next sunbeam.

Clamshell crochet pattern. Makes a cute afghan... Three colors is probably not enough, four or five would do. Reminds me of scallop stitch but less holey. Crochet stitches usually leave holes, it's why I don't like it for garments. I want something more solid. But fun for an afghan, scarf, etc.

Participated far more than usual this year. Got oldest daughter with a suggestion from youngest daughter. K brought a mickeymouse mask back from her Japan trip. It was a prize at a fair or was received in such a way that she couldn't refuse the creepy thing. After L made her devious suggestion I stashed it in my closet and made a note on my phone calendar reminding me to bring it out on the appointed day. I picked K up from a friend's house and when she got in the car -- MASK! She jumped agreeably and did not hold a grudge.

After seeing the lovely early 20th century poissons d'Avril images posted by my friends on fbook I cut out a paper fish and stuck it on my youngest kid's back -- without her knowledge! Mwahahaha!

I'm done for a few years I think.

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