Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Update whew
Benign cysts and calcifications is the interpretation of my boob scans. I'm relieved and realize that I need to learn more about the tricks my chest can play on me.

Sleepover achieved, the 7th graders ate cheesy poofs and sang along with Glee and all was well.

Car's engine code is something about the throttle. Nod cleared it and it drives okay but jerky and needs mechanic attention. Not sure whether to go back to the eh mechanic or try a new one.

Kitty tired
Zing has been extra sleepy lately and snuggly and showing her age a bit. She's eight plus years old. She still leaps up to get to the food bowl on top of the bookshelf (out of dog reach). She still kills the occasional backyard rodent. Sorry, rodents. Lately she is recovering from a bout of scratching holes in herself (spring allergies) and yesterday there were several cat barfs, cause unknown. That brings us up to date with Zing.

Men who kneel
I love Swistle's paragraph so much:
Do you know who I love? Hardly anyone. But in that small number I include plumbers. Also the people who come to change a flat tire. I have encountered both of those people this week, and I love them both. I have added them to my Christmas Card list. Whenever I am blue, I will picture that guy kneeling in front of my flat tire, asking the tire earnestly if it is seriously going to fight him every step of the goddam way. Or that other guy kneeling in front of the broken sump pump in his careful, taking-no-chances, 2-inches-above-the-jeans underpants. Guys Kneeling and Fixing Things is a coffee table book I would buy.

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