Thursday, May 4, 2017

Peep out

The sun has come out and large white cloud zeppelins are floating by. What a release. Got the front mowed in our one day between storms earlier this week. I am very proud of it. My hollyhock next to the front steps is growing taller all the time. I am excited to see it bloom this year. Pretty sure it'll be pink. I hope it makes lots of seeds and I will spread them all around.

I went to eat at the campus ministries veggie lunch today. Tofu tacos is not my most favorite menu but it provided more food-like food than the cafeteria options have been. I sat at a table of international students discussing their summer plans and the public transportation options in LA. I didn't try to join in and whisked myself off after eating quickly. It was good to suss it out. I'll go again next year when they start up for fall.

I am reading My Brilliant Friend by Ferrante. It's going well but it still feels a little like homework. I enjoy it while I'm reading it but don't miss it when I put it down. Perhaps I will feel more involved as the protagonists get older. I had to stop reading Finn Fancy Necromancy. Great title but it didn't charm me. I couldn't get interested enough in who was plotting against our narrator. The 80's set dressing was fun but a bit forced. I didn't like it when he repeatedly used the term 'mixed tape' for a cassette of songs recorded for your sweetie. That's 'mix tape' buddy and don't you forget it. The nail in the coffin was when I realized this was #1 of a series. Ah, so I *won't* actually be getting closure if I finish this sucker, will I? Fly free little library book. I need another genre book, stat.

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