Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm working my way through Max Gladstone's fifth Craft book, Four Roads Cross. I like that universe and yet am finding it a bit uphill. But then there's another monster fight scene that draws me on. I should get through it this week. More summer genre -- I have a McGuire book cued up and ready.

I walked the dog this morning before breakfast. It was a good idea and I'll try to go a little earlier next time. All movement is good movement. Swam a bunch at the skinny dipping lake on Saturday. I would have liked to stay for moonrise but my carpool buddy needed to get home.

Baking is another summer theme. That's British Baking of course. I wish the earlier seasons were on Netflix, maybe later. Finished 2014 and just started the 2015 season. As a friend of a friend observed, this is the show to put on if you wake with a nightmare in the vast wee hours. I particularly like how Paul warns Mary not to eat items that are raw or ruined (salt instead of sugar!!!).

I need to find the vulture myth story that made me cry. Something about flying up to the sun and changing from white to to black/bald in service of others on the ground.

Fascinating page on plants that are Not Edible. Some of these are truly wacky looking. And the names! Rattlebox, Fate Tree, Horse Nettle, Hairy Crabweed! I like the tone here "Edibility is doubtful, botantical references vague, identification difficult. Best avoided."

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