Friday, June 2, 2017


My gardening joy this year is my hollyhock plant that grew right where I wanted it, on the side of our front steps. It's more than four feet tall now and has buds galore. Yesterday I noticed some color showing on three of the buds. Dark red/pink.

Here is the top bud cluster being all fractal:

Today the roofers will replace the roof on our rental house. I hope this plant will not be in the line of fire as the old shingles, nails, etc. rain down. I think it's close enough to the front door to survive. As it came back after being mowed down last year I figure it's already gone to the school of hard knocks and will be able to pull through. I sure would like to see the blooms.

Gone to the Bees
Nice site about pollinators including many species of native bees. There's a pdf about building nest areas for different species. I almost want to grow cane just so I can make a bundle of dried canes as a bee nest.

I like the note about helping native bee populations by keeping some farmland as native habitat.
Studies across the US have found that for certain crops "one-hundred percent of the pollination needs can be met if twenty-five to thirty percent of the landscape is left in natural habitat."

On Mulberry St.
I saw the sidewalk littered with purple berries last weekend and knew the time to forage had come. I made sure to grab a step stool and a container and got about three cups of mulberries from over the public path. They are pretty mild, not a huge amount of flavor. But like many fruit objects, adding lime juice and a few teaspoons of sugar made for a bowl full of goodness. I ate the last of them yesterday.

I run up against it here and there but I have made some conscious effort to let go of this in the past 15 years. Perversely, I have been trying to stir it up recently to see if it could get me exercising more. My perimenopausal middle is more pronounced this summer. I haven't had a lot of success with these thoughts. Belly? I think. Oh well, I think. But I have found one area it works for me: upper arms. Hail Michelle Obama, our lady of the guns. May your spirit lead me to pushups and tricep dips and help my arms be toned rather than flappy.

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