Monday, July 31, 2017

Forging ahead

The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix flick) lives up to its name. You should watch it now. Even if you only watch the opening title sequence of Jessica dancing by herself, it'll be worth it.

This USGS Water Science School website seems full of tasty knowledge. I learned from my technician husband that absolutely pure water does not conduct electricity. It's the stuff dissolved in water that makes it conductive. Of course water on earth always has stuff dissolved in it thus the common sense that it's conductive. Perhaps I will learn more exciting and ground shaking facts.


Benign neck lumps. That's the biopsy results. I am supposed to go back to the ENT for a follow up appointment in 4 months. Now that I have had that experience I will need tranqs before I do another neck biopsy, grr. I have full range of motion now, ten days after.

I am feeling quite exasperated about parts of my body that I have never thought about before. Recent mix and match feelings about my physical condition: sad, angry, resigned.

I'd like to enjoy rather than resent being in my body. I'm going to do some morning plank work with loud music. Might need a boombox for the bedroom. I'm going to do some super relaxed yoga. I'm going to jump my husband when we get a chance. And I'm going to keep thinking about things that feel good.

The forecast is ominously pleasant. Who said Kansans could have highs in the low- to mid-80s to start August?! Topsyturviness.


Anonymous said...

I like your ideas for overcoming feelings about your body. Aging sucks! I'm shocked at how much weight I've gained in the last 3 years of sedentary injury recovery. And it's so much harder to lose as you get older. I want everything to work like it did in my 20's (not that I'd want to go back there for any other reason!). Time to get my creaking bones to work....maybe I'll jump my husband too!
The Danish

Anonymous said...

Have you read any Tana French novels? She got a pretty great review in this article and it sounded right up your alley.
The Danish

Nimble said...

Cheers to the challenge of rocking the older female form! No Tana French yet but the name's familiar. I'll put it in my queue. Would like to vid chat you!