Thursday, July 13, 2017


First, watch out for the hippos
A story about hippo zookeepers and their bottomless fondness for their dangerous blobby charges. My fave part:
...Remember that time she bit down while I was brushing her teeth and she broke every bone in my hand?” and all the other people are like,  “Aw, precious Nile princess! I remember riding with you in the ambulance!”
A follow up comment clarifies, "Also, not to let you think that my cousin or hippo people in general are irresponsible: They apparently have very strict and very clear rules limiting human-hippo contact and a massive, strict set of safety policies….it’s just that hippos are so fucking devoted to injuring people that shit happens."

The Story of Lunch turned out to be not my thing. Clearly smitten by the cast, I would have rather heard a description like this:  prose poem adapted into a teleplay, less than an hour in length, almost entirely narrated by a self-involved 50 something seeing an old flame. Good old Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson were not enough to shift that balance. I gave it fifteen minutes and bailed.

Wow, Alan Rickman's late film roles seem to have been in some universally loathed films. But he was following in the footsteps of excellent male British actor Michael Caine who appeared in everything that paid well. They seem to have a workmanlike approach, better to be paid for acting than not. I've seen Love Actually (his subplot is meh and I don't enjoy rooting against him) and the Potter films. Of his others since 2000, Snow Cake was interesting and affecting. Blow Dry was extremely silly. I might try Perfume. I'd like to see his Caterpillar in Alice. The Search for John Gissing seems best reviewed of the bunch.

Listen and watch
Harvested from the Bloggess's request for listening goodies:  Interview podcast with voice actors. podcast  Small portion history podcast Hardcore History podcast Language podcast History nsfw podcast

And a metaflitter-recommended web series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

From metaflitter askme Tai Chi vids and  Broadway related podcasts!


Anne Marie Borch said...

Hi Nimble!
Have you seen A Little Chaos--Rickman makes a great King Louis XIV and the rest of the plot is pretty great. Bottle Shock was charming, Perfume was great--he didn't have a huge part, but it's a very odd and cool movie. I liked Snow Cake, too. He was a super creepy Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd.

Have you listened to any Nerdist podcasts? Chris Hardwick (often joined by Matt Mira and Jonay Ray) interviewing everyone. I always enjoy them, and there are over 600 episodes to choose from. Basically, pick any actor, musician, writer, director, comedian, and you'll likely find a great 60-90 minute conversation where they inevitably open up about things that they are passionate (AKA nerdy) about. They also do host-only episodes sometimes which are also lots of fun. Particularly fun ones off the top of my head--Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Hanks, Penn and Teller, Mark Hamill, Jodie Foster, Bryan Cranston, Kristen Schaal, Gillian Anderson, Benedict name it!

The Danish

Nimble said...

Thanks for the recommendations -- I should have known you would be up on late career Rickman.
Those specific Nerdist recs sound like gold. Maybe it'll help with housework.