Thursday, July 13, 2017

Moving and shining

Up sick in the night. I stayed home the next day. I am back at work but still feeling a bit weak. Not sure what that was about. No one else in the fam got sick. Maybe I'll try planks again tonight.

Biopsy will be next Friday 8am. I called to ask what to expect. The nurse I spoke to was bad at explaining. Then the connection went out and the call was cut off. I may try asking someone else. Google says I should be able to drive home and go back to work after.

Bush of Whos

Compound flower puffballsButtonbush. These flower balls, each whiskered with pistils, looked perfect and Seussian. L spotted them beside the lake as we waited for our turn to kayak. She brought up the Whos on the teeny ball on the flower that Horton hears. And then I realized that the Grinch was as teeny as the Whos -- mindblown.

Strawberry Ice Cream Moon
We got to watch the full moon rise over the lake on 7/8. It was faint pastel pink as it came up. Got brighter and brighter white as it rose further from the horizon. Beautiful twilight water colors. And a bright moonpath over the water before we left. No pix because kayaks and cameras don't mix.

Can you accept what you are?
Self-care basics. This is attitude and practice, not something you buy. I love #1 - feel your feelings without judging them. Such a big hurdle to cross to my adulthood.

Take off
D├ęcollage in French means take-off / lift-off. I had to look it up so I'm putting it here. De-glue-ing is one literal deconstruction of the word. The plane is unglued from the ground!

Twitter doggo concern
Chris Evans' dog is oooookay.


Anne Marie Borch said...

Ooh, just saw that Lyle Lovett and his Large Band would be in Lawrence on July 27th! Are you a fan? His large band shows are some of the best things out there--so much great music, great musicians, fun, funny. You may already be going, but if not, I think you'd love it!
The Danish

Nimble said...

I saw that LyleLyleCrocodile would be in our burg at the end of the month. I remember listening to his music in your car. I am thinking it over.

Anne Marie Borch said...

Hey there, what do you think of this reading list? I'm a little insulted that she thinks Bridget Jones Diary perfectly captures me (although Anne of Green Gables isn't bad for when I'm in a quieter space) but some of the other books are intriguing. Thought you might like that last one by Louise Penny--looked up your alley---French! Mystery!