Friday, September 29, 2017


Rocking on
Got back on my horse of planks and tri- and bi-cep stuff in the mornings. It's a something! Planks are still weird to me. Such simple poses and still so hard. Am still squat curious. Maybe I'll save those for when I'm craving novelty. Sometimes it takes a long time for me to want anything different.

Get the trash to take itself out
Can we just agree that Samantha Irby is the best? Here's a charming interview to hammer that point home. She talks about being honest about her health conditions and how it allows her to be free of the pressure to hide the embarrassing/distressing experiences.

Oldest wants to take lessons and would like to try a new teacher. I just looked at the campus program that I think has music ed students teaching piano as part of their supervised hours. It's super structured and we're past the start date. I will email them but even if we can start her late I suspect it's more inflexible than what K wants. I felt disappointed because I'm not sure where to find a compatible piano teacher. But! Then I used my monkey brain and messaged someone on faceboobs, and found at least one other option. Trying to schedule a Sunday lesson now.

Hide it away
This is the saddest story ever. It makes me think of the childhood instinct to hide what you love from other humans. We are a plague.

Wanted by the po-lice
I'm hoping to see Junior Brown tonight!

Monday, September 25, 2017

New input

More tuba joy! Went to a master class led by Patrick Sheridan last Friday. He's a hoot whether you play a brass instrument or not. I felt a bit sorry for the tuba-euphonium quartet who played at the beginning and then sat on stage while PS riffed to the audience for an hour. But it was fun for the audience. He did finally get to work with his tooters and it was really fun to hear the difference in the piece when he had them focus on articulation by playing their instrument as much like a xylophone or snare as possible. I hope my 8th grade trombone player remembers something from it.

I believe this concludes my brief spell of tuba mania.

Three days without arms and planks. I am worried that my streak is over. It is nice to have a month accomplished and I'd like to see what two months would feel like. No, of course I haven't started jogging every other day. I went out one day and that was that so far.

This morning instead of blearily getting out the yoga mat and doing the reps I chose to finish my murder mystery* between the 6:15 alarm and 7:00 when I had to get in the shower. Currently I'm trying to talk myself into doing the exercises when I get home from work. That way I'd be starting the week with movement and it seems it would be easier to continue on.

Mole's food amount modification experiment (I won't call it a diet) and rationale (latest update) is inspiring. Gods know that the hard part is getting back on the horse. Rather than dusting one's pants off and heading for the train station to catch a fast mixed metaphor to Fun Town.

*Death Wears a Mask by Ashley Weaver. Pleasant and well written, I would recommend this series as stylish period whodunnits with effective and surprisingly licit Romance. It reminds me of the Dandy Gilver series although it doesn't plunk the heroine into such flamboyant settings. That makes these books more plausible but duller to be honest.

Big screen
Saw Dunkirk yesterday. Originally I'd been interested to see it on IMAX. But I jumped at the noise and so on, it was plenty intense on a regular movie screen. Main thoughts:  1) so many ways to die, 2) a boat is a wonderful refuge until it is a swiftly sinking deathtrap on fire. It is remarkably dialogue free. HS gets to play a realistic rat. I wish that producing war movies would reduce the likelihood of actual war. Like Spaulding Gray suggested in Swimming to Cambodia -- boost the local economy with a big war movie every once in a while. Get those yayas out and avoid the real thing.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Getting deeper in, any way you can

Novel/band sychronicity. I just finished All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews. It's a book that taps into ecstatic melancholy feelings I have had. Like watching the clouds move over the moon and wanting to stay out all night singing back to the sky. In the last couple of chapters she mentions the band The Weepies. I just found a CD by that band at my public library and I love them and their poetry so much. I assumed that they were Canadian but it looks like they're 'merican after all. 

The songs fit in with the book so well. They acknowledge the beauty and the pain that's twirled together in this plane of existence. And don't take themselves too seriously.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


More things I have collected this week.

How to squat properly. Link found in a metafilter exercise thread. This person is so enthusiastic about squats it makes me want to try...

I realized recently that I need some knee length knit skirts in my life. And then I found some patterns. Here's one that sounds achievable. I would ideally pick a busy pattern that would hide my inaccuracies. I could even be brave and try using the machine. The pattern calls for over a yard of fabric so buy 2 yards to be sure.

I could use a new pair of black flats and a new pair of brown shoes too. So far I have not enjoyed shopping online much. But here's a pair that look good and ought to be semi comfortable.

Turmeric Chicken Noodle Soup is a phrase I came across earlier today. This recipe sounds very promising.

Noticed this bumper sticker in the work lot recently:

I don't actually think cats wearing costumes and in very close proximity would get along at all.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Diligent arm and plank action in the mornings. I sort of like starting exercise before I am fully awake. But as good as that all is for my arms and core, my pants have announced that they are too tight. I have considered two options -- buying new pants with a larger waistband and jogging. I think the second option is both cheaper and better for me. Grumblegrumble fifty grumble.

Attended my first tuba/euphonium recital last night. I even got a friend to go with me - it was nerdy, musical and friendy! We enjoyed the shinyshiny brass and the surprising range of the instruments - a lot of the music was more horn-adjacent than I expected. (But sorry tubas, horn tone is prettier.) The modern pieces that fully exploited the low majestic farting end of the tuba's voice were pretty entertaining. We were both reminded of the Arrival soundtrack and the low rumbly alien voices. The musicians had different sizes of instrument and different ways to hold them. More variety overall than we expected. Definitely glad I went.

Fallish is happening and I think that's okay. But the pace this month is really fast as the kids' two schools ramp up and so much is going on for everyone. Last week passed in a flash for me. Maybe a little slower could be good.

Am keeping up my search for non-med anxiety coping resources. The oldest teen has to put up with a lot and I want to help her scale all the mountains. We've found a yoga class on Sunday (not too early) and I found a recommendation for a mindfulness CD aimed at teens by a Scot named Bodhipaksa. So you know it must be good.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday shiny pebbles

New crop Jonathan apples! So crisp, tart/sweet and fresh tasting.

Just occurred to me this week that I can stop trying to put nail polish on the teeny slivers of nail that I have on my little toes. I remember being a little kid and playing with my dad's feet. I wondered how it was even possible for his toenail on the small toe to be so smol. I am my father's daughter and have very little nail that's barely visible on my smallest toes. And my sandals usually cover up my little toes anyway. 8 toes polished is enough!

Vocal coach Chris Beatty. This clip is about a workaround to hear your voice as others do. I like the idea of a vocal coach full stop.


Logan Lucky was a fun thing to do on my holiday Monday. I took the girls with me since my life partner kept dragging his feet. The three of us were entertained. I think the director was having/eating his cake with the appalachian accents but okay. I liked Melly Logan a lot.