Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Diligent arm and plank action in the mornings. I sort of like starting exercise before I am fully awake. But as good as that all is for my arms and core, my pants have announced that they are too tight. I have considered two options -- buying new pants with a larger waistband and jogging. I think the second option is both cheaper and better for me. Grumblegrumble fifty grumble.

Attended my first tuba/euphonium recital last night. I even got a friend to go with me - it was nerdy, musical and friendy! We enjoyed the shinyshiny brass and the surprising range of the instruments - a lot of the music was more horn-adjacent than I expected. (But sorry tubas, horn tone is prettier.) The modern pieces that fully exploited the low majestic farting end of the tuba's voice were pretty entertaining. We were both reminded of the Arrival soundtrack and the low rumbly alien voices. The musicians had different sizes of instrument and different ways to hold them. More variety overall than we expected. Definitely glad I went.

Fallish is happening and I think that's okay. But the pace this month is really fast as the kids' two schools ramp up and so much is going on for everyone. Last week passed in a flash for me. Maybe a little slower could be good.

Am keeping up my search for non-med anxiety coping resources. The oldest teen has to put up with a lot and I want to help her scale all the mountains. We've found a yoga class on Sunday (not too early) and I found a recommendation for a mindfulness CD aimed at teens by a Scot named Bodhipaksa. So you know it must be good.

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