Monday, November 20, 2017

Holiday Penumbra

Distracted much
We're not all here. I'm mostly playing at working. A big holiday is almost here so we're marking time until we skip off thataway. I'm taking off Wednesday as well to try and get most of the feast prep done ahead of time. And be with the girls who are out of school after Tuesday.

I made good progress on housework over the weekend. I faced the inevitable realization that more cooking only leads to more cleaning. I made delicious cider caramels without a candy thermometer. I have more cider. I wonder if I can do it again or if it was beginner's luck. The caramels are cut up and wrapped in wax paper. They're in the fridge labeled "Do Not Eat".

I'm planning to get the kids to help with the room/table prep including washing china and silver. I'd like to get lots of the dishes cooked ahead of time. Feast of leftovers! is a rallying cry I can get behind. The bird should be roasted on the day to get the crisp golden skin. I'm still thinking of cutting it all up and roasting it flat as recommended by Jacques Pepin among others. Maybe I'll spatchcock again.   

I sampled comics again on Netflix and have my judgement to share. Iliza is talking to people at least fifteen years younger than I am. And she's coming from sort of a sorority sister angle. I liked her but I didn't finish the set. I only watched a few minutes of Judah Friedlander's America is the Greatest... His delivery is lots of jokes, real fast. I would save that for a short attention span moment. My bestest new talent discovery is Christina P. I loved Mother Inferior and need to look for her earlier stuff. Vicious and beautiful and smartypants.

I haven't made much headway with Middlemarch but I'll keep chipping away at it. Seems like a good winter project. In lighter fare I can heartily recommend both this fairy 'tec novel from Seannan McGuire: The Brightest Fell and Cathleen Schine's The New Yorkers. Oh C. Schine, you and your light touch, comedy-of-manners, family novel ways. I have Alice in Bed now too so ol' G. Eliot will have to wait. Actually I picked up three or four other novels at the library yesterday. Because I do like a pile of books. After the cooking mania of the next few days I will swan dive into them.

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