Thursday, November 30, 2017

November ender

I cooked all the things. I only cried over pie crust once. Joy of Cooking got me back on track with technique notes. In the end I made two kickass pies: chocolate with meringue and pumpkin. The turkey was spatchcocked and roasted nicely. Our lone guest brought oyster dressing and cranberry sauce, both were stars. We watched Some Like It Hot for very funny afters.

Reconnected and it feels so good
After a couple of weeks without broadcast tv I made the new antenna work last night. Of course there wasn't anything on but I did enjoy seeing a variety of local weather monkeys. And it just feels good to have the option once again. Something to fold laundry in front of.

Did you know that everything in the world is happening on Saturday, December 2? Well, it is in my world anyway. To oblige my oldest I will be judging one or two rounds of debate at her high school at 8am that morning. Then I'll be traveling 45 minutes away to watch my youngest in the honor band. Nod has agreed to judge his own rounds of debate. We'll all miss the horse-drawn wagon xmas parade. K will be working at her restaurant job that day and may have to find a ride home.

After L finishes with band we have to skibble home in time for her Christmas voice recital which starts at 5:30. Then we abandon that kid and go to a local hotel with the oldest again for her birthday pool sleepover bonanza. Pizza and cable tv are our parental rewards in the room next door. I guess I should take bets as to whether we are woken by the girls next door and/or get hotel complaints. I am going to be so happy to make it to Sunday.

Edited to add that Nod's car ceased to have a working transmission on Tuesday. So we're going to do all of this with one car somehow. Hoo.

We watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox again this week. It was delightful. I had forgotten bunches of it. I did notice that I once again felt sad that they ended up in the supermarket at the end. I wanted them to be in the fields and forest. Such is life for urbanized wild animals I suppose.

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