Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Floating world

Better now
I forgot to mention in the last post that I went ahead and had a tantrum after knocking the tree over twice on Monday night. Not proud of myself. Last night I had a cooler head and Nod managed to get the blessed four-point holder to work. Our tree is a little wonky but stable which is miles better than straight as a die and tippy. It's lighted now and ready for baubles.

Blue flash
A blue jay has been hopping in trees near the office today with a very conversational call. Like ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-keh but not screechy like jays usually are. Very cute, good birb. Here's a page with a lot of appreciative blue jay info  including this good description of that call:
"Frequently heard in the autumn gathers is a chuckling, conversational kuk. This note differs widely in its mode of delivery. It may be extended into a bubbling chatter--a sort of twittering laugh--or, ranging up and down in pitch, it may run off into pretty, rambling phrases. The voice is not loud, and we have to be near the bird to appreciate the charm of the phrasing." 
I now have a crush on author Arthur Bent as well as my handsome jay.

What day is it 
At work this week every day feels like Friday but is not Friday, a little Limbo of a week. Slightly disappointing but could be worse. There are fewer of us around every day and the holiday is gathering it's strength to pounce. I've made one deadline and have worked much harder than I expected to so far.

Soothing Brits
I have gotten discs from the library and am enjoying New Tricks. (I keep wanting to call it Old Dogs.) It's the tv equivalent of a police-procedural-cosy mystery. Not as twee as many run on PBS but similarly light on the gore and grim. Good word play and good leads. I tried one ep of Broadchurch and it made me cry over a child murder and that was enough.


Joolie said...

It's not the holiday season without a little cussing! Happy happy to you and your crew.

Anonymous said...

Broadchurch...definitely grim theme but we loved it! David Tennant and Olivia Colman are so amazing together--snarky, wry, contentious, and the story and characterizations are mostly great. If you can deal with a child murder and its aftermath at all, you might push on...

I'm all on tenterhooks...what meat did you decide on for holiday meal? Turkey again? How about goose? Or ham? Or venison?

You definitely have to bake when you come out here! ;-)
The Danish

Anne Marie Borch said...

Oh, and happy holidays to you and yours!

Nimble said...

@ Joolie, yes it's hard to imagine doing all the extra work it takes without some cussing. Happy bright twinkle time to you too!

@Danish - standing rib roast. I've never done one but it doesn't sound hard. Ina Garten's recipe was recommended. There's a note that your oven should be 'very clean' before putting it at 500 deg. I fully expect some smoke.
Kisses and cheer! I'll call soon.