Wednesday, January 10, 2018


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Time to start afresh. Or at least start, I don't know that I'm all the way to fresh.

NM was wonderful. Teen and I hiked the Pino trail which goes up and up through scrub, pinons, ponderosas and more. I finally realized when we turned around, due to my getting light headed at altitude, that this parade of pines was not a coincidence - the trail is named for them after all. I had seen the trail on the map and the more than 2500' of ascent and laughed. But it is not straight up and we had a wonderful time going up for about an hour and 45 min. Faster coming down!

Then I found a contrasting hike for the next day: Kasha Katuwe, Tent Rocks. Some place I'd never been and it was a beautiful adventure through the tufa slot canyon. It's all water and wind eroded like a tiny Grand Canyon.

Good to spend some time with my mom and not feel rushed. We got some of her chores done but the curtain hardware defeated us. I met her neighbor who does a lot for her. I'm humbled by the way they watch out for my mother. It would be good to be closer. I think.

Saw a friend and we had a very nice talk. I regret running away after we'd finished our tea. I should have ordered an eclair to go to justify the table. But good to see AT for a quick reunion at least. She's such a graceful woman as she moves through this world.

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