Thursday, February 8, 2018

Find the kernel

Bring me another book
I feel like I gave Too Like the Lightning a really good chance. But it didn't take. I was interested in the social structure and the future setting. But the narrator was busy addressing readers from the year 2500 and I didn't really get that part. I know it's a pastiche of Enlightenment narrator stylee but it kept me out rather than drawing me in. Our characters were all very interesting (perhaps *too* interesting) but none of them allowed me to slip inside their skin. On to other bookses.

Nestle your shoulder blades under your heartspace
I did six minutes of yoga last night. Yay, Adriene! My spouse joined in too. It was a good thing and the best part is that it made me want to do more. So I'll see if I can cram that in. Sure, with a yoga practice I should probably be inviting it into my schedule. Or manifesting the time and attention for it. But it's winter and everything seems pretty hard. So I'm willing to do some light forcing to make the self-care happen.

Winter calls for carbs
I got a family member request for Indian spiced potato casserole. I managed to microwave all the potatoes last night. But that was all the energy I could muster. Hoping to get the whole thing in the oven tonight.

The Big Sick
I was charmed. I was also glad I didn't see it in the theater, sorry K and E. Kumail is compelling on the screen. The Emily actor was good too and the parents aren't *too* distracting even though they're played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. RR in particular does a very good job of underplaying and being that guy.

I thought I recognized the actor who plays one of the Pakistani appointment women Kumail's mom keeps inviting over. And I did! it's Vella Lovell, from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She is such a good actor -- truly a wide divide between the Cali stoner student role and this one, the immigrant woman doing the arranged marriage matchmaker rounds. She has such a good name too. Brava!

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