Thursday, December 13, 2018

Light and twilight

I left my office yesterday in the  twilight, the sun had just gone down. I saw wisps of cloud that were fuschia in the western sky and a thin crescent moon. I briefly considered trying to take a photo with my phone. But when I'd tried to get a shot of the new new crescent two nights earlier, my phone had laughed at me and refused to recognize the importance of that blurry little light in the sky. After I'd been home for a while the kids came in from a photo shoot. Oldest was shooting, youngest was being her model for a surrealism project. And with the really quite good school camera K got very nice pix of the sky I had been admiring an hour before. 

Getting ready for my half thyroid removal next week. Trying not to be overwhelmed by the idea that I'm going to prepare for Christmas before next Wednesday. But I am feeling a bit holiday helpless/frozen already. I'll try and list some smaller concrete steps to take. And try to cook some soup for my recovering future self.

Jogging at the indoor track last night and I was hearing from several discontented body bits and pieces. The tailbone would like to lodge a complaint. There is a twinge and it's not comfortable. Now that fades and the left knee is unhappy. Or ankle, foot, belly. I try to remember to observe these discomforts and see if they will resolve in the jostling warmth of the slow jog. So far I haven't had to stop. But I do think about it.

I recommend Nick Lowe's xmas album Quality Street. He has such a talent for songs that use nostalgia and sentiment but end up as something more playful, spare and sincere than I would expect. And that voice is still a treat. Los Lonely Boys xmas album had a couple of tracks I liked but overall it fell short of my hopes and dreams. I hope I can get my ears on the Old 97s xmas album soon.

Good wishes to all at midwinter. See the lights twinkle and share some cheer as we peek out into the future.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


We have had some sweet punchy color this fall. And all against that strong blue high pressure sky. The leaves are flying now and I will miss them when they're gone. The gingko across the street is turning yellow and I think of it as one of the later trees. I've collected a few and put them in a big book with wax paper around them. I like to string them up on thread by our dining room

We carved pumpkins on the front walk on Saturday afternoon. I got a mosquito bite on my right elbow but those bugs have been knocked back, it's much more pleasant to be out. I've been composting - I find the impulse is strongest in spring and fall when the trip across the yard seems short. Still not sure if I'm going to go get a new capsule one from the city. Ours is currently chicken wire and rotted planks that are subsiding into a low heap.

Yesterday's jogging was hard, glad I have a day off today. I am celebrating one whole month of spite jogging four times a week! Mom tells me that her blood pressure rose as soon as she hit menopause. I'm not there yet, wondering if I'll see that same change during The Change. I have felt like the process started as soon as I was done with 49. But there's miles to go. So mysterious, too bad it's not the fun kind of mystery.