Monday, July 16, 2018


Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia. A barrier island where pine and live oak trees meet the sea and there are beautiful twisty shapes everywhere.

I didn't succeed in getting any good pictures of the vultures (2 species!) and raccoons at the Florida springs picnic area. A little macabre for a picnic if you ask me. I did get to see a new-to-me species of butterfly, the Zebra Longwing which I learn is the state butterfly. My pics are terrible so here's a link to the image on the state website.

We drove all the way to St. Augustine and back. The drive was not so bad. Having three drivers helped a bunch. We drove in and out of rain but it was only a little troublesome on our way back. The beaches were lovely. St. Augustine combines history and tourist trap and lovely harbor town in an accessible funky way.

The streets in the old Spanish colonial area reminded me of the streets around the Santa Fe plaza. But the tourist approach is different. It's fun to contrast the somewhat snooty NM boutiquey feel with the friendly people pleasing (trolley rides! pirates! history! ice cream! cocktails! ghost stories!) style of Florida. Would love to go back again. I'd love to go back to the NC barrier island beaches too.

Jumping in the surf is endlessly entertaining for me. Watching the waves grow and deciding whether I can float on top or if I need to dive under is a puzzle that never gets old. Bravery and attention is required. There's the delight when I'm lifted up and the occasional sinus clearing tumble. Nod got enough fish tacos to hold him for a while. I had a peak snow cone -sour cherry- experience. Plus there was the champagne mango popsicle at the Hyppo. (It turns out to be a chain but I would happily work my way through their entire menu.) We all feel like we had a real vacation.