Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Lobster bibs for all
Oh sweet, slightly twisted rom com of yore! The AV Club's Caroline Siede has a thorough and laudatory explainer of 1997's  My Best Friend's Wedding. I saw it in the theater with an unenthusiastic friend and remember a lot about it. The goodness starts with the opening, a funny Ani DiFranco cover of 50's antifeminist goo-fest Wishing and Hoping. And then there's plenty of Rupert Everett. Yum.

Oatmeal is excellent
That is all. You can feed oats to livestock or people. They work as an all purpose thickener and are responsible for the current sparkling condition of my guts.

Weaving and girding
Just discovered that there eventually will be a sequel to Hild. 7th century brit women having adventures, I do like that sort of thing. And in the meantime the author has just published So Lucky.

I've been trying and rejecting books lately. I try recommendations from enthusiasts and they don't always take. That's okay, it's a big library and I can't read it all. I have to stick with the books that light up my brain.

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