Thursday, October 11, 2018


We had four days of rains and now we're seeing sun but temps are much cooler. 50s coat weather. Daylight shortens the most during October I think at this latitude. I'm wrassling with some boring lifestyle adjustments (see section below divider). And deciding that it's time to talk about books and pop culch.

I'm reading The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break which is not as whimsical as the title makes it sound. The Minotaur is immortal and can barely talk and is good at cooking, sewing and fixing cars. People treat him like a big dumb guy with horns. It's strange and lightly mournful and very observant of ca. year 2000 restaurant employee culture in the southern U.S. But I fear that it will end with extra sadness. I've already skipped one scene of humiliation.

I'm also reading Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. I thought it was going to be a romance story in a lightly sketched fantasy setting. But it's something else. I read the middle third last night in a rush and wish I could have finished it. I think I know what the story turns on now. It's good to be surprised by a book.

I've put a hold on the next Slough House spy book and am full of anticipation.

The Good Place is on tonight and will be my reward for mowing in the front.

Nod and I want to see Bad Night at the Rialto if the reviews are good enough.

I may take a shot at constructing a cardboard pinecone costume.


I am trying new ways of eating and more consistent ways of exercising. This is in response to my cholesterol numbers that got tested in late September and which I found infuriating. The numbers continue to go up and my vigorous cake eating and book reading habits have not had the effect I was hoping for.

My mother discovered that her body makes a lot of cholesterol, even when she sticks to a very low fat diet. Ah inheritance. I would prefer not to have - nor perish of - a heart attack. I am trying to improve my cholesterol #s by eating more sweet potatoes, beans and dark leafy greens. And eating less dairy, meat, bread and sugar. And jogging four times a week. I am fueling this effort with spite and anger that my 'better than most Americans' diet isn't good enough.

Nutritional understanding is lacking. We omnivores can eat almost anything and it doesn't matter what it is in the short term. But it does matter in the long run. Now I'm in my midlife slowdown and I need to adjust. Is low fat most important (no cheese / beef)? Or is low carb most important (no sugar / bread)? Or does that depend on the individual?

I am interested if I can keep this up for six months at which time I am supposed to have my blood tested again. Part of me thinks these changes will be dandy for my overall health but won't have an effect on my cholesterol #s. At which point I guess I can laugh hollowly and get back to my couch sitting.

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