Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Feasty eve

Mark Bittman's includes a butterscotch version with cream.

I'm ready to start cooking but I'm working the day before the holiday like a patsy. I'll try to do some things tonight since we're eating at 3pm. Cue the running around with arms up, screaming - aaaaaaaaagh!

I need to get out recipes for:
spatchcocked turkey and gravy, hard
cranberry sauce, easy
cornbread stuffing, fairly easy
colcannon, easy
pecan pie tarts, hard
pumpkin pie, hard

I need to go to the grocery store again: eggs, cream, pecans, vegs, other things - aaaaaaaaagh!

I am looking forward to sitting down with friends and family and a glass of fizzy wine.


I recently finished a book but didn't like it. I've started Tomalin's biography of Samuel Pepys and have a feeling it will be a long walk to the end. I loved her Jane Austen bio. So far I've been reminded that the Puritans who came to North America were the descendants of the Cromwellians (anti king and anti popery, they also pissed people off by banning theaters, greenery at Christmas, and maypoles). Charles I has just been executed and Sam is laboring at Cambridge.

So far I've noticed two landscapey words that are new to me: bosky woods (must be related to the Spanish bosque) and water meadows. The latter sounds so dreamy but I wonder what the difference is between w.m.s and swamps.


I finished Sabrina on n'flix. I liked the cosy/horror flavor. (Yes, of course I fast forwarded past the scary bits.) I found Shipka wonderful, the aunties and cousin Ambrose a treat. Father Blackwood can come read me my catechism any time. I'm not sure why the writers went all in on the alienating Satanism. There are so many other ways you could spin witch stories. And what's up with that ending? No one in town got what they deserved. Except maybe Aunt Hilda?


I am looking forward to The Favourite with Emma Stone and wonderful British actresses I should know the names of.

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