Monday, January 7, 2019

Ups and downs

Better crumb
I have been making versions of this no knead bread for a long time. Usually I make half a recipe which makes one loaf (plus some stolen dough to eat raw!). Recently I tried an adjustment in the prep: when ready to let the dough rest before baking, put parchment paper in the baking pot, dust with cornmeal and rest the dough there. Then follow the baking steps: cover the pot and bake for 25 min., uncover and bake for another 12-15 min. This skips the recommended pre-heating of the pot but it results in a much better crumb than I was getting before. 

We went en masse to the Spiderverse movie last night. Including grandma which I thought was bold of her. I requested the closed caption assistive device - it turned out to be glasses that showed her captions and she said it worked great. Not for the previews, just the main show. The animation was great and the multiverse was pretty nice. I got a little lost in the fight sequences (as I tend to do) but was genuinely shocked by one reveal. SpiderGwen's balletic style was lovely. The hip hop soundtrack was great. I liked PPB's reorientation toward being a productive member of society.  

I think I'm going to skip Mary P in the theater but will watch it later. Am chomping at the bit to see The Favourite which gets to my town on the 25th of Jan.

Recovered from surgery and I seem to be fully functional, with no pain. But I'm having the worst acne around nose and chin. I fear this is hormonal disruption and means that I will need to take supplemental thyroid hormone after all. Trying to buck up and be patient until my levels get tested at the end of this month. The acne is a minor thing except for the fact that it keeps me from feeling cute or even all the way healthy. Pisser of a confidence hit.

Murderbot dreams
Luckily I have distraction in the form of the final novella in the series in hand. Yes! 


The Nag said...

I'm going to try the bread. It sounds foolproof.

Nimble said...

Happy baking!