Monday, February 11, 2019


I have posted on the fbook about our rental house search. I think personal network is the way to get something to happen. I strive to believe that someone wants us as tenants. Would like to get my bedroom organized to prove that I can make progress. First target: clearing dresser tops and the clothing eddy at the foot of my bed. Next step: under the bed. Somehow I have to work up to tackling the basement.

Med stuff continues, I'll be starting a prescrip for thyroid replacement. Sigh. I'll be interested to see if I feel different after a month. I will leave a message for the nurse and ask for my labwork numbers before and after surgery. Seems like I should know them and not just let the doctor drive.

Went to see The Favourite with Nod yesterday. We both enjoyed it a lot. It was more sexual than I expected. Guess it's a good thing it hadn't opened in Albuquerque when I was visiting my mother. I would have dragged her to it and then been embarrassed. Good writing and acting and costumes and design and all. My sympathies for all three of the principles went through several changes during the course of the film. Ah, Olivia Coleman. Long may she reign.

30s and raining today which is crap weather although it *is* washing away all the snow remnants. And it's not ice which is a bit of all right. Hoping for sun tomorrow. I can see more daylight in the mornings which helps. Jogged yesterday. Will try to jog tonight.

Power struggle at the moment with oldest and her arrival times when she goes out at night. Nod said he dreamed last night that he was telling her that she had lost her car privileges. Uncomfortable meeting tonight!
(Update: it was uncomfortable but went pretty well. We ended up letting girlie go to a concert on Monday night so clearly she didn't lose any privileges.)


Milk chocolate malted mousse

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