Wednesday, July 31, 2019


I returned from a lunch break and took my vitamins and put in my antibiotic eyedrops*. Then I put on my glasses and hooked my earpiece over my right ear. It made me feel practically cybernetic. My frames are the same shape as those I linked but my side pieces have white on grey zigzags and raspberry interiors. I have discovered the position for the wireless earpiece that allows me to forget it's there. Vastly preferred to headphones squeezing my ears.

*DEMON, BEGONE! from my eyeballs. I cast you out of both eyes, from the upper lids and from the lower lids. I command you by the power of Cipro to leave -- and never come back!
This infection started the week of the move and I waited three weeks for it to clear up on its own.  Cipro drops sting for a while and it tastes terrible as it drips down the back of my throat but I will pay this price four times a day to banish my (low grade) tormentor.

My physical self is pretty much getting what it needs at the new house. The smells are okay, the temperature is mostly okay. I hear others' movements much less than the old house. It's a surprise since it's wooden floors again. But with the fans, rooms on different levels and a different degree of insulation, this house is much less like living on a drumhead.

I felt oppressed by our continued lack of a dishwashing machine and my continued role as chief dishwasher on Monday evening. I informed spouse and the present child that I needed help and resented the job. I felt much better afterward even though I washed dishes again last night. I care more than the others so I can wash or nag. Nod committed to replacing the faucet this weekend in preparation for a rolling dishwasher. We might even buy new (shocking). 


I learned last night that my husband's old workmates thought he was 'soft' because I hadn't taken his last name when we married. I called them troglodytes and pity their tiny brains. But I also feel a little threatened. The world is full of humans with little insight or empathy.

This discussion touches on names and a family freakout about lightly nontraditional naming of newborns. It's interesting to read the outrage some commenters felt about various aspects of this person's interaction with his grandfather. I think his lie-now-to-preserve-a-relationship policy is justifiable. I agree with those who felt queasy about the children being asked to join in the deception. But it feels to me like a family story that will have a good ending.


Zhoen said...

I've heard that countertop dishwashers can be very effective. I've only had the built ins. The one place with a roll over one, I never even tried to use, seemed so cumbersome.

Found this on a quick search, not an endorsement. The music is obnoxious, but I don't think it comes with the unit.

The last name thing is so weird, because it's very much tied to our specific culture.

Good luck with the eye.

Nimble said...

The tetra is cute. And the unplumbed part is attractive. If we generated fewer dirty dishes a day I would be more tempted.

I've used a rolling dishwasher before and after learning by spraying myself a couple of times with a faulty faucet/hose join, I liked it fine. It is a little more work than a built-in dishwasher and much less work than hand washing imo.

Zhoen said...

Amen, hand dishwashing is the worst of all chores.