Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Eye opener

First week of classes and we opened with a deluge. Students were posting video of the cascades of water coming down the steps on campus. Much better weather after Monday morning. We're 80s and clear now which is early, sometimes we don't see mild temps until mid September. Climate crisis effects here are more severe storms with more water dumped and lower overall temps so far. That's my anecdata from one summer.

I went for a walk/jog Monday after work and saw a good sized black snake that looked like it was made of rubber except for the way it was skedaddling back into the rocks as I passed. It was a reptile day. I also rescued a v. small lizard from a staircase. Maybe it could have gotten back to the ground but I had seen another one dead on that walkway and didn't want it to starve. It took a few minutes of scrambling, lizards are fast!

My eyes continue well except for a quick stupid experiment with eye liner. I have since thrown out that eyeliner and my bottle of makeup remover. I'll do experiments with fresh containers maybe at the end of September.

Quillifer is a pleasant meandering book. I am a little impatient with its length and breadth and it would have been a better vacation choice. Fantasy in the pre industrial Euro model. I'm interested in our green protag and just remembered the opening storytelling framing. I'm surprised there haven't been more recent call backs, I wonder when that will happen. I may skim more aggressively. Water Logic  awaits!

Nod's getting the seven year itch with his work. It's been ten years since his classes started. Maybe it's just as well since it's not been as much of a money maker as we had hoped. I am sure that there is some sort of hybrid job (teaching? repair+?) that could do more for him.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


We had a large bat in our bedroom last night. It wasn't giant but it was larger than I expected, it looked like it had a 15" wingspan. I saw it flying around our ceiling fan when I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth. Waving my arms at it and clapping had no effect. Nod got a broom but we both wanted to avoid hurting the beastie. I wanted a butterfly net which we do not have [note to self]. Settled on a sheet to throw over it. That worked and Nod was able to knock it down, sorry bat, and fling it on to the grass outside. It was gone in the morning and I hope it was able to get back to bug chasing directly. I was pretty squeaky about it, not terrified but activated for sure. It felt so good when there was no longer a bat flying around our bedroom ceiling.

 We visited the Belfry when our little vixen friend was in town. I was very happy with my large strong cocktail. Hers was purplish and had thyme in it and actually tasted kinda nasty but it had a very seductive name so [shrug]. I wish I lived closer so that people would look for me at the Belfry.

That's all the bat content I have today.

My eyes are on steroids and I'm so much happier. The swelling and redness is gone and hope is back. I was really weary and feeling ground down at the end of last week. Good to have more energy and a better outlook for the busy work season.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Demon Persistent

Eye infection in sixth week. Both eyes. Two antibiotics have been tried. Next is steroidal drops. Then I get to see the opthamologist if that won't help.

Wallofgreens had ridiculous prices for both the medicines I tried to buy there. I am switching back to the grocery store pharmacy because they have better prices even though it's further from home.

Having picked the wrong pharmacy I had to leave a message for the doctor that it needed to be changed. And cried in the parking lot because this is all hard and makes me feel very sorry for myself. My eyes feel tired and I can't wear eye makeup and it's a &*(*&ing drag.


Finished Tam Lin by Dean. It is not the same as Perilous Gard by Pope which is what I was thinking of. Apparently one could spend the next decade reading novelizations of Tam Lin. I don't recommend the Dean unless you attended college in Minnesota in the 70s or 80s. Even then it's a bit long and lacks something.


I'm comforting myself with The Good Place podcast. It's doing the trick. I've tried my hang-in-the-window-tv-antenna in three different rooms so far and no dice. Apparently we're further down in a dell as far as broadcast TV reception goes. There is an antenna installed on the eastern peak of the roof, I wish I could use that but lack the cable and the no-how. We may need to toss another one up there before the end of September when TGP episodes start again (fourth and last season).