Friday, September 27, 2019

Work it, stretch it

You've Got It
I have been listening to Dinah Washington today and it's a good thing. Here's You've Got What it Takes with Brook Benton.

Chipmunk seen 9/25/19 on the steps west of Price. First one I can remember seeing on campus. Scamper scamper. It's been an amazing year for lizards and I see them almost every day in a variety of sizes (2 - 8 inches).

PT stuff
Yoga pose stretches for back.

My knees have been giving me tweaks of pain behind the kneecap. Usually when I'm climbing stairs and I put weight on my leg that is only slightly bent.
I like these stretches to support knees. I have done the standing ones at work.

Rotational movement exercises.

Random undergarment link
Cotton bra:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beer quest

Move to quaff
I've decided that I have a new exercise goal: drinking more beers and the occasional cocktail. I enjoy those nutritionally useless beverages and need to a mover la colita if I want to consume them. This reminds me of The Danish's husband and the goal he picked for a self improvement course: become more sexy. These are worthy aims, convention be damned. Possibly aiming for indulgence will help me get back to regular movement. Thinking about the health benefits certainly hasn't done it since May.

I'm going to take myself to see Ready or Not which I regard as a book end movie with Knives Out (release date at end of November). I do love going to the movies. I hope to get someone to go with but am determined to see it this weekend with or without co pilot.

Oldest has been elected to Homecoming Court, one of the 9 women and 9 men. At Friday's football game halftime they will crown a king and queen. K has been delighted to be elected and says that she loves everybody on court so all their extra activities (music video - I need to get a copy), rehearsal, etc. have been fun. Last year there were two menu elected as king and queen. This year there is a traditional minded older woman organizing things and apparently she is enforcing the gender roles. Well, she can sweep the tide if she likes. I put a couple of tucks in a borrowed dark blue gown for K last night. She showed me her tiara. I'd like to get a picture at home before the events. This is grandma catnip.

Cone time
Speaking of cat stuff, I've been coning Zing this week. She scratched a chunk out of her neck as part of her autumn allergy itchiness. I found a soft cone that she tolerates MUCH better than I expected. She can eat with it on and drink out of a smaller bowl (not the big dog bowl) but I don't think she can fit through the cat door opening to use the cat pan. I'm not keeping it on her all the time but trying to  supervise any time with it off. Vet appointment Saturday for both beasts. I expect that we need to re-start allergy injections for dog. She has continued gooey ears, and has been licking her paws. Am not happy about it but will deal.

Eye candy
Edited to add that any day is better with some pictures of the absurdly beautiful Priyanka Chopra. Here's Tom and Lorenzo's selection of her fashion lewks with their appreciation of her lush and sometimes tacky glory.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Eggplant love drivin' me mad drivin' me crazy

My post title sounds so porny but I'm quite chaste and fervent in my nightshade appreciation.

Budget Bytes is such a reliable site for streamlined and dependable recipes. She pares things down to the essential steps and they work consistently for me. Last night I made Eggplant Frittata after writing myself three reminder notes. I really wanted to find out what it tasted like. All the thumbs are up. My changes (because entropy): I did not use the oven to roast the vegetables, just for cooking the eggs. I peeled the eggplant because I don't need to eat that. I used canned tomatoes because picking cherry tomato skins out of my mouth is bleah for me. I added more parmesan because yum.

I heated olive oil in the pan and added first the onion, then the eggplant, then the zucchini and after they were all softened added a can of petite diced tomatoes and the garlic. Cooked a few more minutes and then topped with eggs and ovened for 30 minutes. Veggie daughter and I would eat again. I would also use this as a great basic stovetop ratatouille recipe without the eggs. Mmm, now I'm thinking about pasta.

My right eye, that started with all the trouble, is a little irritated, a little puffy underneath. It is gummy in the morning. I'm not ready to spend more money yet on medical attention but I'm monitoring the situation. I'll go in if it worsens. Maybe jogging would help...

Book 'em
Finished Water Logic last night. A fantasy series with occasional magic and book reverence and farmers and formerly talking ravens (oh ravens). The most radical thing about it is still the fact that in this universe women are 100% people, it is egalitarian in all things.* The assumption that every female human's impulses and aspirations are worth exactly what the males' are continues to surprise. I wish I could visit. Lucky for us all, the fourth concluding book is in the world and on my shelf. I will start next week.

*My book talk friend tells me that Nicola Griffith wrote a police procedural series that she says are science fiction because women are treated the same as men in that universe. Must try.