Friday, October 4, 2019


Happy October to all! Temps have dropped and I might be clapping my hands.

Holy shirt, I started jogging again. I've got a whole entire week under my belt.

Albuquerque beckons. We're going to youngest's choir concert next Wednesday night then hauling ass to drive to ABQ the next day. We'll be staying with my mom for a visit. Out in the early dark to see the hot air balloons go up. Might need a nap here or there. We'll squeeze in some enchiladas, and some northern NM hiking. Then gotta haul it back to Kansas to make it in time for L to take the PSAT that next Wed am. Seems short but it'll be better than no fall visit at all.


Zhoen said...

Funny how little data our brains need to identify a bird predator, owl specifically. Great photo.

Ed Darrell said...

Is that an actual photo? Why the reflections in the owl's eyes?

Ellie said...

Saw the owl picture on Millard Fillmore's Bathtub. Love it. Thank you.