Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Mucho maintenance

During June I got my teeth cleaned, my vision checked (ordered new glasses) and am going for a mammogram today. Deferred maintenance is getting addressed. I feel like I should go ahead while I can do it. It is possible that our town could lock down in the near future. Mandatory mask order starts tomorrow. I hope there aren't any scuffles about it, that is so undignified. Not to mention selfish and cruel. 

Thoughts in ears
Just listened to two Gimlet podcasts. One uncomfortable one about U.S. white people sending unsolicited small amounts of money (via venmo or paypal) to black people recently: The Least You Could Do. I went in thinking that was a harmless minor form of reparations but have decided to take all the speakers' discomfort into account. Guess the guilty white money should be sent to non profits as is traditional. The second podcast is about the role of exercise in health. It has convincing info about the cancer- and dementia-fighting aspects of regular exercise. 

Work remains
That said, I failed to do any more exercise after my previous post. Last week included a little light insomnia and I realized that I need to commit to at least leaving the house for a walk every day. I don't handle losing sleep well and may as well prevent it if I can. I may need to create a new secret project to get my brain engaged. Or maybe give a pep talk to my beautiful natural killer cells while I'm exercising, like the researcher included in that podcast.

Love stories
Finished Fleabag season two and had many feelings. I deeply enjoyed the metafilter discussion of this season immensely. So good to soak up some fellow fan reactions even though I did not enjoy it when it first came out. I had initially thought that there might be future seasons. But after watching the final episode I dearly hope not. It was a beautiful ending.   

The Expanse, a.k.a. Space, is still giving good tv. But I hate the 'Bobbie on the wrong side of the law' storyline. And I think Holden's action on Ilus was stupid and provocative after the experience of the Ring. There was one episode where I cordially hated all of them for a bit.   

I am uncool and very looking forward to watching Hamilton on the Mouse channel on July 4. 

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Zhoen said...

I saw that Hamilton was going to be available, then saw where and... I guess I'll wait until the library gets it on some sort of durable media.

Commiserations on dental and other maintenance.