Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Nod to solstice

We have been enjoying low 90s and fairly dry which is A plus June weather in Kansas. Even had breezes yesterday and today. We've been making our weekly quota of lake swimming while avoiding most other lake goers. Peaches and strawberries have been good. Social distanced socializing still kinda sucks but it's better than nothing.

Plant happiness
Peapods, sunflower, cornflowers, mint in a pot.

Sewing project
I took apart a pair of drawstring pj pants that I had worn holes in. They were very simple and my favorite, thus the holes. I used a sheet that had a hole in the middle to cut out pieces. After teaching myself to use the sewing machine again I ran up some seams. Then I laughed and cackled because I had created one big tube instead of two legs. After ripping back and trying again I achieved the correct number of legs! A 200 percent improvement! It was so much fun and the perfect project since I didn't need to end up with a garment that would be seen by humans outside my house. I finished them and wore them to bed. Pajama triumph!

Physical maintenance minutia
Exercising outdoors in the heat of summer requires    effort. I want to do it first thing in the morning when I wake up since the temperature is best then. The other option would be to wait for sundown. That's quite late right now and I would rather not exercise at night. So Tuesday I went out first thing before breakfast. It was fine, the air was fairly cool and only two other people were on the track. I didn't love it and I didn't feel great even after eating some cereal. I don't know if it's a blood sugar thing or if it was just a crummy day. I'm going to try again tomorrow morning. Maybe I can do this two working days a week. Two sounds better then three at this point. I may need to prep breakfast the night before which seems like a terrible burden.


Zhoen said...

Congrats on PJ success.

Nimble said...

thx, it was good play. Getting ready to sew some masks as I blearily consider returning to my workplace in the future.