Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Small rocks

It's winter and I feel like a beachcomber on a rock beach of gray and meager appearance. I have a few small rocks to show you.

I am riveted by this set of photos of Edwardians and/or their dogs. The very first woman! with her kid gloves and bracelets over both! And the pitty with the big collar! I feel swoony. The whole thing looks like an excellent tumblr to fall down. 

Glad to have our long haired cat's company as we get through pandemic winter. I miss the dog sometimes. Zing has a bond with each of us in the house. I love to see L pick her up. She invented her own way of carrying the cat facing out and with one lower leg hanging in front. The cat is perfectly relaxed so clearly they have an understanding. 

My amusement threshold is very low these days. I found myself driving the long way to the grocery store the other day. For 'fun'. 

Youngest had an ADHD evaluation appointment with the family doc and came home with a prescription which seemed awfully sudden to this family. She's been taking it for two days now and we'll see. There's a thirty day follow up appointment and I'm glad that's built in. 

Oldest is wading through snow in Evanston and kicking butt on her engineering projects. She's managing to meet people even with distancing and masks and no-roommate. The no roommate thing could change next quarter. And that room is small, K may have a hard time giving up the extra space. She's definitely having experiences beyond what she could do in this town. I'm so glad for her.

My mother had her first vaccine dose last week. I feel like crowing it from the rooftop. She's had a rush of respair (see tweet below) after feeling quite desperate for a while.  

Tweet from Susie Dent "A word for better days: 'respair' (16th century) - fresh hope; a recovery from despair.

She wants to buy K a down coat now that she lives in the land of Real Winter. I was inspired to look at air travel prices but didn't go so far as to purchase tickets. We'll probably drive out to NM in June. 

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