Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Urgent Redirect

 You better read Mrs. Kennedy now. If you can resist reading parts of that post aloud, you are a stronger man than I. Picking pot strains compared to selecting mutual funds, oh yes. 

I am back to small rocks as offerings. 

Distress: I have a stye in the lower lid of  my right eye. It's not on the surface of the lid but is one of those deeper inner eyelid swellings and is painful. I put warm compresses on it and am trying not to poke it - where's my medal? Tedious and I can't tell how much it's affecting my vision in that eye. If it's not reduced in the next couple of days I will go see the eye doc.  

Good reading: I finished a Jeeves and Wooster homage book that I am delighted to recommend: Jeeves and the King of Clubs by Schott. I read the first chapter suspiciously and there were a few word choices I would change. But I laughed and then it kept getting better and better as I went along. What an accomplishment. 

Good listening: I found out about Schott's book (series, hee!) from my very favorite delicious older person-ish podcast Something Rhymes with Purple. It has facts but is not too serious. It is well produced and oh so easy on the ears. Mmm the British voices. The burgundy fruitiness of Gyles Brandreth's voice makes his name dropping that much funnier. The politesse of Susie Dent's very well educated voice used for saying cuss words is also wonderful. 

Good watching: We're on the WandaVision bandwagon. It's been really good family viewing for us and our Marvel fiend teen. And like all modern art, it's a meditation on grief. I keep noticing that good animated movies all seem to have grief at the center. The genre mashing is superb and modern. I love the acting and the writing. Darcy and Jimmy Woo for the win. Witch power, what will we learn next?

Out of doors: Our dining room has a back door that opens onto a south facing deck. It is now warm enough to sit with my back against the sun-warmed south wall at lunch. I have done some walks but am disappointed that they haven't been every day. I'm doing some physical therapy for my left upper arm which is my latest excuse for not doing exercise, on top of the general malaise stew.   

Vax score: Spouse 1, MIL 1, this is very good. The county says they have my info so I'm glad to be on that list. Friend with health concerns is on several lists, no call yet. She's the next person I'm rooting for. Teen and I expect to get it in the summer. But maybe...sooner?

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