Thursday, July 29, 2021


So far it's been a three feather day. I didn't pick any of them up, just admired them on the ground. I walk/jogged this morning first thing. 

Got a blood draw and cholesterol test for health insurance discount this morning. Even though I fasted, #s are not good. I am so sad and feeling decrepit about it. I know they're just numbers and it's more important that I survived stupid quarantine times so far. And still - my body is working less well and here's the proof. 

Youngest went to the county fair last night. It was hot and her friend convinced her to go by saying they could go look at all the quilts in the air conditioned hall. I have fond memories of looking at the table setting competition, the entomology displays and the woodworking. 

I'm wearing a mask now in the office. Which makes it less fun. Ah well. Quarreled with Nod last night about having a friend over. He's saying he can't go back to not seeing friends and I am ready to close up shop and withdraw. I am feeling so small right now. Maybe it'll be nice to see her.   


4 feathers!

I wept and felt poorly about my physical architecture for a while. I felt more philosophical by the end of the day. In general I am very pleased with myself and it was upsetting to have that fall away for a while. 

Talked through my feelings about our current risk assessment with Nod and youngest yesterday after work. I'm thinking about the risk of transmitting Delta and our status as vaxed ppl with vaxxed friends. We are not spending time with anyone with kids under 12. We're all connected, of course, and every errand and conversation with another human increases risk. 

We ended up having two friends over last night, one masked, and played Catan indoors where the air conditioning lives. It was really fun. May the Infinite have mercy on our souls. 


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