Thursday, September 30, 2021

Good things

Chipping at it

I'm upping my jogging frequency. I'm trying not to get over-ambitious but to keep working at it. No dramatic changes but I'm sleeping okay and certainly think it's good for me. Still plenty of sunflowers along the wetlands path. The starlings have moved on or changed their schedule, I'm not seeing the murmurations at sunset anymore. I was happy to see migrating seagulls yesterday, circling lower than expected. I'm used to seeing them very high in the sky. I see a family with three generations regularly and have gotten fond of them. I need a pair of daily distance glasses for jogging and everything else. My wired together pair works for mooching around the house but exercising with them is pesky.

Steam it up

Dear friends have recommended KJ Charles books and I'm going through the Will Darling Adventures now. M/M Romance! plus smart story. Good to see there are more like Cat Sebastian out there. I think I'll go get that third book right after work today. I'm looking at The StoryGraph as a goodreads alternative. I've copied my books over and we'll see if I can make the change. 

Make it quick

Here's a weekday dinner recipe we loved this week: BudgetBytes's Chipotle Lime Chicken and Rice. But make it even easier: use ground turkey instead of chicken breast. While prepping I found a forgotten bag of lemons and limes in the fridge. The lemons were fine but there were grievous lime losses. Luckily there was one good one left to use. I've been less than inspired to cook lately so it's nice to find a fast and tasty option. The temps dipped and then got hot again so the oven doesn't appeal. And for some reason that has me wandering away from the whole business.    

Another winning recent dinner was Smitten's Black Bean Chicken Chili. It's mostly a pot of beans with some chicken in. I have a history of cooking dried beans and being disappointed that they are still crunchy. I did the quick boil method to start so I could be sure that they would get done. Happy with it. I think more things could be added to flavor: bell pepper, bay leaf, jalapeno. Or just plop a spoonful of salsa in the finished product like I did.   

Make it dance-y

Our h.s. reunion trip is a week away now and excitement is building. Our sweet host is making a disco night playlist and asked everyone for five fave dance songs. I had a good time throwing mine together. I hear there will be a disco ball and everything...

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