Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Through the Unknown

Ordered and installed a bunky board to shore up my poor spouse's side of the bed. I feared that it wouldn't fit or it would be noisy or something. But lo! the bed is better - not as creaky and his side doesn't feel like an imminent collapse. 

Applied for student loan and got it approved and in process with youngest's school. 

Revised resume and got input from people I respect. Contacted my references and updated their contact info. Next is making updates my online profile. Then actually applying for jobs. Which gives me pause. 

I haven't quite figured out how to get from here to working a job in ABQ. Assuming (I know) I was offered one, I could accept, move in temporarily with my mom and start work. Then we'd need to do two enormous things: find a place to rent and start packing up and selling our house. I also fear leaving house packing to my spouse. I suspect this too will need to be tackled with a combination of 1) bulling forward without knowing exactly what will happen and 2) letting my subconscious turn this transition over until it feels more familiar. 

We leave tomorrow to take youngest to her dorm. A hefty14 hours of drive time each way. I have a long to-do list and have checked off some big items. Many more to complete today!

When we get back: buy a pet crate and start feeding the cat inside it. It seems like the best way to get Catastro-Freddie travel ready. 

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