Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Crocus in our yard, yes, all yellow. I did see something purple down at the end of the house. That's probably crocus too. Daffodils are getting ready. Lots of daffs in bloom in other yards, I wonder why the difference.

I don't feel any urgency about clearing the beds or planting. For a change I did cut the rose bushes back at the end of February. We'll see if they like that.

I planted coneflowers in a big pot in the back two years ago. They were happy last year. I may transplant some of them this year.

I trust that my hollyhocks will jump up again. I need to find a dark red to add to those in the front.

The hopefulness of spring rain isn't cancelling out any of the drear of dark cloudy skies and temps in the 40s-50s. So come on, you blue skies in the forecast.

Married twenty years today. I met Nod in 1985, so that's 33 years in the fall.

Jessica Jones Season 1 is holding my interest and not scaring me off. The ptsd portrayal is really convincing and the performances are better than they need to be. KR has such an interesting face with that sculpted nose. Her face looks like a comic artist creation to me. Not something I am comfortable watching with the kids. Here's to women characters getting their physical needs met. I want to see the big bad get what's coming to him. But I'm not sure I'm up for all of these eps, I may use Nod's method of skimming thru.

Link to Last Jedi screen shots twitter thread with what is supposedly Chinese subtitles re-translated back to English. No idea if that's true but they do make me cackle.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sweep the arm

I declared March would be the month of cake and pushups but so far I'm lacking in both. I did find a recipe for a roasted curry vegetable galette that should bring up my cooking score. I'm going to make it for my spouse's birthday. Temps are supposed to swing warmer today and that could help me get to the track. I would now like a personal cheerleader to help me get my shoes on and out the door. 

New to me car is making me very happy. It's a 2016 CR-V and driving it I'm higher up than in the Sub wagon. It's the newest thing I've owned for fifteen years. Thanks, Mom. 

K got her right nostril pierced. We had a cultural experience at the Supernatural salon which we picked for the good reviews and clearly extensive staff experience. The nose heals slowly (why, nose, why?) so K is soaking her face every night in saline and committed to not messing with the stud for 4-6 months. I signed off on the permission form since she's under 18 but she paid for it. It was not my idea but K thought that nostril needed a hole right now.

Finished a good book, Raven Stratagem. The first one is my favorite. I enjoyed the sequel but that means that I am sadly caught up now and unlikely to get a new sequel any time soon. Am starting The Tiger's Daughter but we haven't bonded yet. I'm going to give it a while longer - thick book may need some warm up time. 

The Black Panther movie satisfied my curiosity and fomo but it didn't elate me. That's okay I know it's reaching its audience. I love the ending in Oakland and MBJ's fine and beefy... uhh accent. Dzny can do even more but helping the Oakland Boys & Girls Club expand their STEM programs is a nice start.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Three to delight

Tilda Swinton is my buttoned up, sexy orchestra conductor. From stick pin to shoe buckles, this outfit is so pleasing!

Maybe you would enjoy a fluffed up kestrel showing off his dainty claws.

Vesto Slipher is the best name I've heard all day. He was an astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Arizona from  early 1900s to 1951. Discovered that nebulae/galaxies were moving at remarkable speeds toward or away from us. Bless. (Here's part 2 of that article if you get hooked.)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Have a pebble

I am so sorry for us. We have a gun problem. We need some gun limits and rollbacks. Not sure that's going to happen and if not, then we will continue to have a gun problem. I will be voting on this issue.

I am going to post little things because it makes me feel that life is worth living. I like to read about little things in other people's lives too.

I made a 3-d paper heart dealie and hung it above my desk from the string from a teabag. (Originally I couldn't find any thread or string at work. I considered using a hair but that felt too voodoo. My brilliant oldest daughter came up with the teabag string idea.) It makes me want to make a lot more hanging paper hearts even though heart day is over now. I also want to make heart shaped butter cookies and frost them with pink and white icing. Maybe I'll set a calendar reminder for Jan 31 next year.

Besides being inventive oldest is also lobbying hard for access to my car. She was hoping I'd let her have it today. But I declined so that I can go home at lunch. I prefer to eat my own food. But also I'd like to check on her sister who is sick at home. And also, it's my car. We'll be test driving on Saturday and seeing if we can make something happen on the newer car front this weekend. K will have to take a bus home or cadge a ride today.

I ended up going out with co workers and drinking a couple of beers yesterday. It was jolly and I was so lucky to have a friend drive so I could have both of those beers. We managed not to talk exclusively about work and guns but they did both come up. I learned that one of my co workers is originally from Mill Valley CA.

I finished A Stranger in Olondria which was mostly melancholy in mostly a good way. It contains some lovely images and echoes. I found myself wishing for more humor and getting impatient with our narrator. He starts being visited by a ghost. The visits are terrible and painful. The ghost tells him to write her a poem, to immortalize her in words. He keeps having horrible painful visits from the ghost most nights. And that goes on for quite a while before he finally picks up a pen. I wanted to shake him. My favorite passage is a human creation myth that struck me as a sweet (and yes a little sad) refraction of the judeo christian story.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Find the kernel

Bring me another book
I feel like I gave Too Like the Lightning a really good chance. But it didn't take. I was interested in the social structure and the future setting. But the narrator was busy addressing readers from the year 2500 and I didn't really get that part. I know it's a pastiche of Enlightenment narrator stylee but it kept me out rather than drawing me in. Our characters were all very interesting (perhaps *too* interesting) but none of them allowed me to slip inside their skin. On to other bookses.

Nestle your shoulder blades under your heartspace
I did six minutes of yoga last night. Yay, Adriene! My spouse joined in too. It was a good thing and the best part is that it made me want to do more. So I'll see if I can cram that in. Sure, with a yoga practice I should probably be inviting it into my schedule. Or manifesting the time and attention for it. But it's winter and everything seems pretty hard. So I'm willing to do some light forcing to make the self-care happen.

Winter calls for carbs
I got a family member request for Indian spiced potato casserole. I managed to microwave all the potatoes last night. But that was all the energy I could muster. Hoping to get the whole thing in the oven tonight.

The Big Sick
I was charmed. I was also glad I didn't see it in the theater, sorry K and E. Kumail is compelling on the screen. The Emily actor was good too and the parents aren't *too* distracting even though they're played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano. RR in particular does a very good job of underplaying and being that guy.

I thought I recognized the actor who plays one of the Pakistani appointment women Kumail's mom keeps inviting over. And I did! it's Vella Lovell, from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She is such a good actor -- truly a wide divide between the Cali stoner student role and this one, the immigrant woman doing the arranged marriage matchmaker rounds. She has such a good name too. Brava!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Get Through

Ah the weepy part of the hormonal cycle. Avoiding news for the most part and singing in the car.

Carly Simon and Lucy Simon, kids' songs CD from the library. There's a bopping 'Winken and Blynken and Nod'. Their 'Lobster Quadrille' is catchy and cute! And they do a sweetly pacficist Christmas carol 'I Heard the Bells on Xmas Day'. Lyrics. Based on a Longfellow poem written for kids, subject = the Civil War.

Speaking of The Weepies, I'm frustrated because they're NE based and hardly ever get to the midwest judging by this year's tour dates.

I have a cheapo bra from wally mart that surprisingly has withstood the test of time and provided reliable tata support. It's in regular rotation and cost about a third of any of the others. I found that Hnes is still selling model G511 and am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of two more to fill out my herd. Maintaining a wardrobe of bras does really take some work.

It was good to have old friends over for the footballing. The cleaning and cooking ran me over but I was happy when the party started and I could drink beer and watch dumb ol' american tv. I wonder if this is my last year for nfl. The hits are sickening and I heartily approve of the societal move away from football for kids of any age. Curling from here on out!

Black Panther is on the horizon. It's the least stressful treat I am looking forward to this month.

Metafilter thread on short stretching videos. These look worth checking:

10 min or less yoga practice video list.

More from that yoga teacher for nighttime.

And when the sun comes up, morning stretches.

For back pain.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Good stuff

Upward spiral
I recommend this article I found posted in Twitter by Jennifer Ouellette, science journalist. Vagal health (unconscious nerve regulating heart rate, respiration and a lot of other things) improved by good feelings which are also improved by more perceived social connection. A persuasive reason to do loving kindness mediation, the Buddhist prayers for safety and serenity for one's self and all other beings.

Experimental armpit
First phase: I switched to unscented deodorant. Second phase: after a few days it was better but I still had a slight rash. Third phase: I proceeded to read the ingredients list of all the unscented deodorants I could find. Most of them I was surprised to learn contain "fragrance (masking fragrance)" which means that they will still expose my tender pit to the thing that makes it red and itchy. So I bought one of these that has no fragrance in the ingredients at all. Fourth phase: in addition to not enjoying the wet application, I am not noticing much effectiveness. I don't think it's much different from going entirely without and I don't like it.

Current phase: today I tried my husband's A&H unscented. I think 'unscented' is not the right word although I don't have a better one. It may not have artificial fragrance added but it does have things that smell in it: Chamomille Oil, Coriandrum Seed Oil, Geranium Flower Oil, Orange Oil, and Comfrey Root (not sure if that smells or not). It also contains triclosan which I don't like in my toothpaste or hand soap but which may be effective in this area. I am getting better results so far today which included presenting in a webinar so there was some nervous sweat a-going.

Petit pot d'yaourt
I have a new yogurt crush. I have been on a long journey to find the perfect yogurt for my 10:30 am workday snack. The varieties available in my local grocery stores are many and always evolving. It seems like I find one I like and then it's discontinued or changes too much and I have to find another. That will probably continue to happen. But I am going to appreciate this moment in which I love Yplait's Oui, vanilla. I don't like any of the other flavors I've tried because they have a bottom layer of sweeter stuff that doesn't please me with its texture or its taste (I've tried strawberry and coconut). I end up just eating the yogurt above and leaving the layer on the bottom. I love the glass container! I love the size! I love that it's not too sweet.