Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stormy hermits

Glarey yellow light first thing this morning. But no tornado, just a gullywasher on the way to work. We had wind gusts before the storm hit last night. Hail on the west side of town, just hard rain on our side.

The cloud show in the evening as the storm approached was amazing. First the front coming from the west, backlit by the setting sun, towering up and growing over the sky. The western sky filled in until it was all gray with lightning. Then the eastern clouds took front stage. There was a blossoming thunderhead that lasted for the 15 minutes I spent driving east to get home. The brilliant white top of the cloud mass changed from looking like a swelling snowball, to like a poodle's floofy top knot, to a huge white thing with a flat layer... words fail me. It was spectacular viewing. "Clouds are a glimpse into the mighty power of fluid dynamics", indeed.

My hermit hair shirt is feeling too tight. Need to get a social plan going. First I am going to message my neighbor down the street to see if I can catch up with her. Then I will send an email to another hermit and see if we can align in a rare sociable phenom. Perhaps I'll make a hermit crab costume for Halloween...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Onward and upward

Adventure university: there sure are a lot of students. The big wave is underway. More fun than not so far.

Adventure high school: they don't actually use their lockers, just shlep everything in backpacks. K has plenty of classes with older students. Will K ride the bus or get a ride from a friend's family? Who knows? She's managing it so far. First self description essay of the year completed. Boy, I hated those assignments. Do we need to buy a new snare drum?

Adventure middle school: B will pick up her ipad today (I assume the district has insurance). Auditions for show choir were yesterday (she's a shoe-in). Walking two blocks to get to school is still a good deal.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Many competing plans for this weekend. I am glad that the forecast is not cooperating with star gazing since I would rather get my hair cut than camp on Saturday. Oldest wants to ride the buses and get a sense of how that's going to work. Then she has a sleepover planned Saturday night. She proposed a family outing for Ethiopian food on Sunday. I would like a non-food-related family activity as well. Frisbee last week was great. 'All that I was hoping parenting would be', as a friend said about jumping in the salt water waves with her 10y.o.

Olympics are inspiring the kids. I was repelled by the Brazilian messed up priorities, protests, economic stupidity. But even I couldn't look away from the women's team gymnastics. And this photo. They are good smilers.

Today I learned that there is such a thing as women's cricket in the UK. "Vipers reach Finals Day despite Edwards duck." What a lovely foreign language.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Oldest woke up with a painful sore throat and fever. Doesn't want to go see a doctor. I've asked her to gargle with hot salt water and take acetaminophen. Guess I'll run home at lunch to check to see if I can tell if it's strep.

Give him enough rope and stand back. Seems to be working. I am doing some news dieting and it's a good thing. Even if I don't want any video or audio I do love this turn of phrase from commenter David C. "He knows about as much about governing as a pig knows about Sundays."

Nod wants to go camping this weekend and see if we can see any of the Perseid meteors. I am sad to cancel a haircut appointment. But would love to see some stars. hm.

Here's where I confess my fanlove of a long interview by Emma Watson of Lin Manuel Miranda from March 2016. There are 4 videos. If you just want to see them sort Hamilton characters in to the Hogwarts houses go directly to #4. I watched the first one again with Bun whose eyes glazed over almost immediately. I enjoy being in that hotel room with two people so admiring of each other and fired up about art, with the NYC traffic and sirens dimly audible. "My job is to be in love." Wow, what a job.

I got my copy of the soundtrack and have enjoyed listening to the entire play in order for a change. Bun has her favorite six tracks and we heard a lot of those over and over. is good scrolling too even if I am not likely to pop up in Times Square any time soon.

I am interested in C Newman's nacho cheese sauce recipe.

Tried a Campion mystery recently. It had a great opening chapter, I was tickled. But along the way it threw in lots of racist stereotypes and the ending was oh so silly. Don't think I'll be going back.

Dramatic history of Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Am filing this link to a fanfic site found via matociquala:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A feather on the breath of God

Eagles breeding successfully in Yosemite park. "They seem to be colonizing places beyond our wildest dreams." I am happy to see them rebound in the states. Just read that because fish populations are depleted in Maine eagles are eating more birds than fish. I am not an eagle but usually I don't eat fish except for catfish because I can't stand to eat ocean fish that can't recover. Also I live inland so why pay for coastal fish to be transported? Anyway, go eagles!

Day off resulted in clean laundry and baba ghanoush. Took kids on several errands. Was foiled by DMV, both times we dropped by all the waiting chairs were taken and it didn't look possible. I did learn where to get the handbook online so that the 14 y.o. can study for her learner's permit test. Maybe we'll get there before she's 15. But maybe not.

I was not full of refreshment but it was good to have some time not at the job. Trying to get back to work now. Can you tell?

Cat had a limp last weekend but after I worried for enough days it got better. She seems to be almost back to normal now. She is avoiding the new cat food (with the stupid name 'i and love and you') that I switched to. I will go and see if I can find the previously acceptable no-grain Iams to mix in. On the other side of the coin, she was pleased by the linens I spread over chairs to dry in the sun. Instant cat pavilion.

Friday, July 29, 2016


Very tired. Drinking my black tea and yawning at my afternoon desk. One more night of hosting. We'll do some activities on Saturday then have early dinner and get them to their airport hotel by 7pm. Then we're done, I think. Some people are going to the airport Sunday morning to see the visitors off but I think that represents more dedication than I can muster.

I think I hit my marks and made the food and washed the things and it's okay. Our guests are sweet but not very outgoing. I wish I could find my world atlas so we could have the map-based talk of my dreams.

The DNC lifted my mood more than I expected. The emphasis on public service felt like an oasis.


Edited to add: Sewage line backup in our basement on Friday afternoon. Nod sounded the alarm and the program coordinator found spots for the visitors to sleep that night since we didn't know if we could stay in the house. Owner (I am trying to find a new word for landlord/landlady) responded right quick, got plumber to show at 8pm and snake the tree roots. "This happens every two years or so." Hmm. She got the mess cleaned up in the basement with Tide and bleach. All better by 9:30.

Got the visitors back the next day and Nod took them to the lake and then got them to their airport hotel. I would like to take a vacation now and in fact will take Tuesday off to exercise and unwind.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July intensity

All the DNC update you need is Luvvie's convo about Uncle Bernie's hair game. Or maybe that's just me. I am not listening to coverage from this convention either because speeches usually leave me arguing back at the radio/tv. But from the Michelle Obama highlights I heard this morning I might go back and listen to her piece.

The Ozarks were beautiful. The roads were windy, the vistas gorgeous, and the water was clear at Beaver Dam Lake. We visited a cave and squeed at the cuteness that is Eureka Springs AR. We deplored the Loser Flag we saw here and there. But we were cheered at the unexpected rainbows. I am betting there is a good boxfull of novels set in Eureka Springs, I'll have to research the subject. I discovered that I am not a natural kayaker. Nonetheless I would kayak again. I saw a leetle snake swim out of the lake up onto shore with a 2" minnow in its jaws. I admired many Spicebush Swallowtail butterflies. It was hot and I am glad to be home.

We pick up our Japanese guests tonight. The house is as ready as it gets and we are excited. The county fair ought to provide some good essence of USA.

Being the lazy cave dweller that I am, I am looking forward to August when I get to retreat and not do anything extra for a while.

Oldest has made it onto the far high school's rolls because I spoke with a band coordinator and got updates about student orientation for freshmen. She told me yesterday that she's not excited about practicing to get better at snares and would rather drop band. I asked her to do it freshman year and then see. We parents think she would be a kick ass drumline member but if that's not what she wants then I can't see forcing the issue.