Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Caddy me

How many sticks of butter?
I went down a rabbit hole this morning looking at coconut frosting recipes. Many of them are just 7 minute (egg white) or buttercream recipes with coconut extract thrown in at the end. Then there are the vegan recipes that rely on finding the perfect can of full fat coconut milk that contains enough solid-when-chilled fat that it can be whipped into frosting. There are cream cheese based frostings but I'm off of those for now. I think I may try a hybrid buttercream, using some butter and some solid coco and see what happens. When I next want to frost a cake. Which won't be until it's much cooler than this week. Maybe late September...

Clankety bang!
I bought a returned shower caddy at the thrift store for $15. It turned out to have all the parts - yay! I assembled it according to the instructions but it seemed to tall for our shower. Nod made it fit with his manly muscles. But that was just a test - I needed to take it out again to clean the shower wall and floor before permanent installation. Also the dang thing wasn't supposed to get wet before I had added the moisture seal stickers on the tube seams - which Nod didn't know so he took a shower with it.

I remembered it must come out at 10:15pm when I was headed to bed. It had to be out before morning showers happened. It was jammed in firmly against the ceiling and I tugged and made a terrible noise dragging it out and disassembling it on the way down the hall. The dog was horrified and between the metal clangs and my cussing it was quite chaotic. But by damn I did it. Now we'll take bets on how many weeks before it gets installed permanently.

-------  Update - Caddy is up! I scrubbed and taped and reinstalled and it is a new era of civilized toiletry organization in our shower space.  ------- 

Whoops your fascism is showing
From Metafilter. There's an excellent BBC television documentary series called The Nazis: A Warning From History, episodes from which seem to be available free online here.

The series was first shown in 1997. Part of the BBC's response to Trump was to quietly start running it again in February 2017, just a couple of weeks after the toxic dimwit's inauguration.

Tone it up
Isometric exercises, tone up with yoga routine.

Hedonism, anyone?
Have had a couple of exciting interludes. Lots of good stuff to turn over in memory. Feeling nervous about skillz and future direction.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

But wait

Short Grass Prairie
Colorado is still beautiful and yet you shouldn't move to Denver. The traffic is quite terrible. I took this picture at the end of May at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. I did not see any bison but I saw a slew of prairie dogs that whistled about my frightening approach and a buck browsing in a stand of brush who was far less concerned about me. It was hot but much better than waiting for two hours at the airport for my mom to arrive.

Podcast recs by the thoughtful poet-blogger Elan. One in the comments section: two British women discuss popculture This turns out to be the very posh sounding Caroline Crampton and Anna Leszkiewicz who are podding for the New Statesman. I feel I should know what that publication is but I don't so there's something else to learn.

Charm and More
These are just lovely. And there's more pretty stuff for sale on the site -- ooh! aah!

Sinking In
After a dry spell I have found a big fantasy novel to sink into -- The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. The world is adjacent to ancient Chinese geopolitics and it starts with our protag trying to get into the most exclusive military academy. Things are moving along nicely. So excellent to have tasty fiction look forward to!

Pride Crafty
Such cute, so rainbow. Rainbow and 3D clouds crochet scarf pattern.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Lobster bibs for all
Oh sweet, slightly twisted rom com of yore! The AV Club's Caroline Siede has a thorough and laudatory explainer of 1997's  My Best Friend's Wedding. I saw it in the theater with an unenthusiastic friend and remember a lot about it. The goodness starts with the opening, a funny Ani DiFranco cover of 50's antifeminist goo-fest Wishing and Hoping. And then there's plenty of Rupert Everett. Yum.

Oatmeal is excellent
That is all. You can feed oats to livestock or people. They work as an all purpose thickener and are responsible for the current sparkling condition of my guts.

Weaving and girding
Just discovered that there eventually will be a sequel to Hild. 7th century brit women having adventures, I do like that sort of thing. And in the meantime the author has just published So Lucky.

I've been trying and rejecting books lately. I try recommendations from enthusiasts and they don't always take. That's okay, it's a big library and I can't read it all. I have to stick with the books that light up my brain.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Breaking News-- This just in: today, May 11, is the first day that wearing socks has become unbearably hot. I am fantasizing about snapping my fingers and having on sandals instead.


Lip Treat
Burt's Bees moisturizing lip balm Pomegranate is making me happy. I used to use Cover Girl lipslicks in Daring, as recommended so convincingly by Holly Burns lo these many blogging years ago. It was discontinued as all makeup items will eventually be. I've been flailing around with various unsatisfying gloss options for a couple of years. But ol' Burt is coming through for me now.

Just read a thread about couples having different clutter and cleanliness standards. I was struck by one couple's strategy of having a designated chair in their bedroom where the woman puts her clothes before she gets around to putting them completely away. That way the clothes are not piled on the floor or on the dressers. I think I need a chair! It also made me think that a belt hanger would free up the narrow hanging shelves I'm using now and that could be repurposed for undies which would then free up a dresser drawer... It must be spring.

Maybe it's catching as both of my offspring also have requested new dressers in the last couple weeks. I found a cute old oak dresser at the Restore last weekend. Nod balked at the $130 price and I eventually realized that it wasn't big enough to contain the kid clothes. The discussion we had did get him to realize that even at the swedish-giant-store dressers cost more than $100.

I've been watching the first two seasons of Drunk History as a silly treat. The fact that some of these people did more than one topic astounds me. Doing it once I can see, plenty of novelty value, but a repeat appearance? Comedians and drunken storytelling edited down to only the entertaining parts which are then acted out by other comedians and actors? It's pretty brilliant. I do prefer it when there's no barfing. I was reassured to hear that they have a medic on hand and take safety seriously.

I want to believe
There is a phenomenon I'm trying to put into words -- fiction authors that I want to support but I find that as much as I enjoy their social media conversation and choice of topics and approaches, I can't quite love their fiction. And that's okay. Some of what doesn't work for me is a self conscious effort to put all the socialjusticewarrior stuff they can into their books. Nothing wrong with that... until it draws attention to itself and away from the plot/flow/etc. A lovely counter-example is Ursula Vernon writing fantasy under her T. Kingfisher pen name. Everything I've read of hers is coming from a fresh perspective and her characters don't feel like a set of inclusion dolls. I need to read some more!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


We went to see the superheroes movie over the weekend and I got really excited beforehand and thoroughly enjoyed the thing. If you have seen it and want to read others' responses, here's the Metafilter full-of-spoilers reactions thread. My favorite stuff in Infinity War:

  • The ecstatic feeling -- my friends are coming to help me fight! I felt this so vividly that it made me tear up a couple of times during the film. This is the best reason for superhero films to exist in my opinion. It is such a specific emotion. I think there must be a spot on the brain stem that is mapped directly to this feeling. It makes me want to figure out other ways to tap into it without actually fighting anyone. Theatre? LARP? Magic ritual? 
  • Quips galore. The Guardians were a font. Noble rabbit... 
  • Vistas. There were some lovely planetary landscape moments like the planet where the Soul Stone was kept and the relighting of the star forge.
  • The fact I was unspoiled. I think the secret-keeping is helped by the feeling the audience is left with at the end of this film. There's a lot to think over. 
There were some things that didn't work for me. Not enough Cap or Stark. One particular exit that took long enough for a painful soliloquy when all the other folks making comparable exits didn't hardly say a thing -- grumblenakedemotionalmanipulationgrumble! 

I look forward to howls of outrage as the next film magics its way out of the corner this one so carefully put us in.  

Mowed the front lawn for the first time last Thurs 4/26. The back doesn't need it yet. The redbud trees were at their peak around 4/28. Other trees are also in bloom and we're getting petal-fall from some. The stinky old bradford pears are done thank the dryads. We've made it to May and not turned the A/C on yet which feels like a small win. Nod wished for a thunderstorm last evening and got one this morning so I think we're moving in that seasonal weather direction. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today's shells

Misty Moisty
My toes are damp. It's raining steadily today.

My hat is old my teeth are gold. I have a bird I like to hold.

The sun should return tomorrow. Both daughters have track meets tomorrow afternoon. I may get to see some pole vault.

Rich Scavenging
It's true, Metafilter is a generous midden heap that provides many of my daily needs. The following rabbit holes came from links I found there.

Memorable American
From a good Texas Monthly article about our late friend Bob Donough:
Released in 1997, Dorough’s Blue Note album, Right on My Way Home, is among his finest: a jaunty romp that captures his eccentric talent in professional, high style.
Aw, I think I might need a copy of that CD. I love that the writer used BD's childhood residence in Plainview, Texas as the hook to justify this article in the magazine. Bob was the primary composer and one of the vocalists for the Schoolhouse Rock songs. Three Is A Magic Number, that's him.

What IS that?
I never realized how funny this would be: photos of bearded menu looking straight up. It even gives cat beards a run for their money. I still long to get a pic of myself with a cat beard. Time to plot and scheme...

This one's from twitter and it's a doozy
Stills shot by Rosetta turned into video of a comet's surface. Enjoy!

More info here: