Friday, April 20, 2018


Knitting went well through three cycles of the lace pattern. So satisfying. But in the tenth row of the fourth iteration - I am two stitches short. I tried backing up and re-knitting that row but no joy. The next battle strategy is to rip back three rows and see if I have the right number of stitches. This is fraught and difficult because those little loops are hard to pick up when un-knitting. I'm gathering my inner resources for the next assault. Buckler and helmet and needles, unto the breach!

Twilight growing
And that's a good thing. Despite the rocky progression of our spring, we are getting more light every day. I went out to dinner last night at the delightful Culinaria. It's a cosy space in an old building. Vee and I ate many savory, pickled, and crunchy delicious things. While we ate and cackled I watched the blue sky change in the western windows and it felt spacious and sweet.

The big E
Talking last night about how I realized only after several years of homeowning that all houses are in the process of decay. No matter how new or recently repaired, entropy is at work. Previously to that realization I had truly believed that if I got all the required maintenance done on a strict schedule then I could keep the house in a state of wholeness indefinitely. As Nod says, if I was a good enough person, then the house would not decay. I'm still integrating the knowledge that regular maintenance is good and highly recommended and nonetheless entropy is always in play. RUST NEVER SLEEPS as the saying goes.

And speaking of maintenance and entropy, I am being very responsible and taking steps to deal with my swollen thyroid. I got a second opinion which gave me good info without a clear immediate action plan. Basically he agreed with the first doctor and confirmed that that guy is my best choice for surgeon. He also said it would be fine to wait a year and have another sonogram at that time. I also learned more about the medical unknown: thyroid nodules seem to be triggered by female hormonal changes but it is not understood.

I don't want this thing to get much bigger before being removed. The largest 5 cm diameter nodule in the left side of my thyroid has probably replaced the functioning part of that lobe. I am going to go ahead and schedule the surgery for this summer if I can work around a beach vacay and enough recovery before our busiest season at work starts in August. I am also calling today to schedule a boob squeezin (mammogram). Where's my adulting medal?

Crafty to a fault
You need to see this out of sight cat box system. I think they are geniuses, not sure if they're evil or not.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Since it is now unseasonal, I found a pattern yesterday afternoon and started knitting a scarf. I'm planning to join the ends so it'll be an infinity scarf. But that's in the future when I figure out how long it should be. The pattern that spoke to me. I also untangled a cat-caused snarl in the yarn so this all feels very win right now.

Two days of pushups. One day walking home from work.
The lace in my Dansko clunky sandals measures 32" try Target first

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Put it out

I'm rethinking my use of semi anonymous blogging. I may want to use this space as a fbook alternative with my name and all. I've hidden past posts and may lock this space depending. The future is such an interesting place to live.

Finished Slow Horses by Herron this morning and recommend it if you're in the market for a spy novel. A blurb says it's like Le Carre but funny! but I don't think that's quite it. I think it balances adventure, some humor and some humanity to make a satisfying read. Also hate to backhand Le Carre like that. His strength is tension and action in a melancholy mood but his language is excellent and there is plenty of wry to be enjoyed.

Balm of old friends. What a ball of laughter and delight. These are people who I am rooting for in all of their experiences. 

 A friend took me to the SF Art Institute on my Easter trip. The building is on a hill above North Beach. They have a rooftop patio with views of the city I had never seen before. There was also the Diego Rivera mural and a student art show that had some very porny elements. The curator talk we attended was the least interesting bit for me.


That's Why We Love Germany tumblr. I'm learning so much. Did you know about the burning wheel pagan tradition? An Easter ish tradition. Get a big wooden wheel at the top of a hill at night, fill it with hay, set it alight, roll it down the hill. If it reaches the bottom without falling over -- good fortune / good harvest for the year!