Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Slaw

It's Friday so I must be trolling for blog posts and pouting that my favorite writers aren't busy posting twice today. Fussy and Box Elder are coming up to snuff for NaBloPoMo so I don't know what I have to complain about. Oh and this from The Bloggess made me almost shriek with giggles at work. Pout be gone.

Goddam, someone in my office is wearing perfume that from a distance smells like mosquito repellent. I guess I should be glad they're not right next to me. Which reminds me, our newest team member at work is a nice young man who smells like funky feet. Moment of pity. (Sad to say this reminds me of my high school boyfriend who was known to sometimes be not so fresh. High standards, girls, have taken me far.) I am hoping that the new job will buck him up and somehow that will translate into odor eaters. He's married with kids so I guess I can't hope for a new girlfriend to tame him. A minor thing so far.

Lexi's sold a bunch of girl scout cookies and now it's time to deliver them and collect the money. Here's hoping we can be efficient about this. Thanks to Nod's seasonal onset of timetoeateverything (I have a touch of it too) we're halfway through our first family box of Thanksalots. I'm thinking of going running when I get home tonight. It'll be almost dark, but the temp is nice right now...

The extended forecast looks good for driving to and from Colorado next week. What fun to be plotting a road trip. We need a motel reservation and a cat feeder.

Katy's getting holes in her earlobes tomorrow. Lexi is selling more cookies at the girl scout camp (who buys them? not my problem) and having lunch, etc. I'm delivering 2 pounds of deli roast beef with Lexi and then going away because I know I don't enjoy girl scout camp. I love that Lexi is seven and near to self sufficient. Nod has splashed out on some birthday prezzies for Katy, a new scooter and other stuff. You do only turn ten once. I think he and I had better have the budgeting for xmas talk this weekend. And I need to pick our most beautiful family photo and have a slew made. I'm sending them out this year. I swear.

Just heard about Fool by Christopher Moore which is a novel of the story of King Lear told from the fool's perspective. I haven't read anything by him and am very intrigued. I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Very good and thought provoking. I loved the portrait of the town of Clover in southern Virginia, past Difficult Creek and near the River of Death (?!). Such a compassionate look at a family with so much stacked against them individually and collectively. Her afterword about the state of tissue ownership (what happens when you submit a sample to a lab for testing?) made me think that there will be development on that front in the next twenty years. Content about HPV and its cancer link reminds me that we're only a couple years away from getting Katy vaccinated. HPV is all around and I'm all for getting immunity to as many strains as they can manage.

It's 4:31 on Friday afternoon and the shuffling of feet is audible. Humdedum. The noise level here is quite high during the more well stocked parts of the workweek. I'm in a cube that is one of twenty with 4 foot "walls" in the middle of a large room. Mine is on the edge near the door so we have a lot of traffic. Occasionally we have to open the door when someone forgets their keycard. Recently the keycard system was replaced and now everyone in IT should have access so that's better. Two rows from me is a fellow who is quite entertaining but who has no 'quiet' setting. He regales the world with his opinions from the best beer to the degree of succulence of his midafternoon grapefruit. I still don't mind, it's a good change from too much quiet in the basement office I left behind.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bottom of the peanut butter jar

Trying to decide if I feel like a hungover grebe or coot this morning. (Oh my lord these coot babies are the ugliest things! Bright red bald pates like little frankenstein's monsters.) I remember watching the funny ugly coots at the Berkeley Marina. They seemed like grumpy little ladies in ratty black dresses. They have three toes instead of webbed feet; it's interesting to watch them pick their way along the rocks. They have an air of disapproval about them and generally don't look very deft. Coot it is!
Was there a kids choir rehearsal last night? I can't stop wondering. I took the kids to church last night with the snack I brought as a good participating parent. But no one was upstairs in the choir room and the lights were out. So we bagged and went to the library instead. Now I'm worried that the rehearsal was in the sanctuary and wish that we'd stuck our heads in to see if there was anyone over there. The urgency of these feelings is ridiculous and pointless. Let it go, brain.

I have done many things on my lists this week. And now I am tired and want to be done for a bit. But it's that time of year for more lists. I guess I could try delegating. I offered Katy a dollar to scoop the cat pan this morning. That worked okay. I wonder if Nod would do dishes/clean toilets for a dollar?

The kids are at the next door neighbor's house today. It's another in the long series of no school days in November. We had parent teacher conferences on Wed. We are lucky parents. I sometimes have felt close to tears when talking about my kids with their teachers. I am proud of them, I worry for them. Hell I feel some of the same feelings about the teachers too. What a vulnerable space school is. Nod was indulging in a big frosty glass of smug after our meetings. He said something about how we must not be doing too badly as parents. I told him to store that thought away for a rainy day. We have adolescence to come after all.

Katy is right on time being a tween now that she's turning ten. She's got her own fashion sense (all leggings all the time). She drives her teachers a little crazy because she works so fast and asks for more to do all the time. She saves her pointless defiance for us (flipflops are *too* shoes, I *know* I need to [do anything we remind her to do], etc.) But that's a minority of the time and cheerful competence reigns mostly. Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood.

Lexi my sweet cupcake is the easiest of all easies. Surprisingly she failed the eye exam at school. Earlier she failed her hearing test because she had a sinus infection. Guess that wouldn't affect your eyes. Noone's noticed her squinting or having trouble and she doesn't report any eye problems. She told me that she doesn't like eye exams so that may explain the inconclusive results there. I need to read the school nurse's note to see what hoops we need to jump through to get her retested. I will cheerfully purchase glasses for her if it is demonstrated that she needs them.

My MIL is trying to figure out how to be in two places at once over Christmas and new year's. She's been asked by both of her sons to come for the holidays. Nod won't return her calls this week (one of his less admirable traits). So last night she spoke with me and I tried to understand the problem. I gave her our dates and told her that we will love to see her whenever she can come: Christmas, new year's, or spring break when the weather might not be horrible. I can't solve it for her so I hope she can make a decision. And that Nod will call her back this weekend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rising Falling

Good gravy you should be reading the Adventures in the Pointless Forest blog. Not only does it have that title (reference to one of my favorite elementary school films), Redfox also has a one year old to entertain you and a Riker-playing-trombone gif. Another gift for the TNG fans among us, nostalgia fighting with our embarrassment, a link to Fashion It So.

I also admire her funny and not boring description of a recent dream. Having heard too many dream recountings by my nine year old lately I know that this is a rare achievement. Most dream retelling makes me want to sing the 12 Days of Christmas in order to stop the relentless flow of random images. And having said that I will now describe the dream that I woke up with on Wednesday. I was given a flying device. Like a rocket broom -- a pole to straddle with controls, no bristles. Soon I was soaring over a seaside city. But the device kept stalling and I had to restart it, with a two part button pushing technique. Sort of hard to do while falling But! I could also fly on my own power with an effort of concentration. So I was flying and falling and flying and it was pretty cool. It left me with a good dose of adrenaline in my system when I woke up. Flying in dreams is supposed to be sex but it sort of felt like my peformance at work these days, winging it and trying to be effective with varying results adding up to majority successful.

Nod just had a brainwave about Thanksgiving and we have asked if we can invite ourselves to my brother's place near Denver. Brother Wry said let's do it. We haven't ever been out to visit him yet. Both Nod and I find this an exciting plan! We'll have to watch the weather though and be prepared to scotch our travel if needed. The east part of Kansas where it meets the west part of Colorado is famous blizzard territory. If we can get there I'll bet we can go sledding. My search for snowboots for Katy continues this weekend. Fun road trip adventure ahoy.

Just realized that my flying dream may have something to do with another animated film:  Castle in the Sky. Another Miyazake film to love. Plenty of flying things. And falling and rising. Wow it's old 1986. And weird and arty and thought provoking. The image of a young boy climbing up on his roof to play a bugle at sunrise while doves circle sounds twee to me but it was uplifting. Great soundtrack too.