Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My eye feels better. I'm sure the meds did their work but it certainly felt good to stop putting the stinging gel in my eye every four hours too. I can put on eyeliner and mascara on both eyes again and I feel less plain.

During the thunderstorm yesterday, Katy: Can I take the Japanese umbrella outside?
Me: Do you mean the silk parasol? No!!
Katy: But I don't have an umbrella. It's an umbrella, right?
Me: No, it's a parasol which means for-the-sun and it's old and silk and no!
Add umbrella (2, because I'm sure umbrella equity will be important to the small scorekeepers) to the shopping list. I evaded the grocery store last weekend and our list is about to overflow its small rectangle of paper.

We've had lovely rain for a couple of days and temps that seem autumnal. But we're going back to steamy today. 

Rearranged Katy's room on Sunday. She had a plan and I provided the muscle. Some things were thrown out and most of them got off the floor which pleased me. We all cleaned up the living room and I think we'd better have someone over quickly before the effect wears off. 

I started watching Game of Thrones as pop culture homework. I'm liking it better as we go along but I'm not in love yet. I like that our stolid good guy Ned Stark is not the hero. He's honorable but short sighted and reactionary. I respond to three characters as heroes: Arya, Tyrion and of course Daenerys (kind of hate that name, glad we can call her the Khalisi). Nod and I are both staying up too late to watch. Four more episodes for season one and then we only have 2/3 of the available spoilers to avoid. 

Do I have a mantra? "Another chance to start again" is one of my favorite world explaining phrases. I truly believe that it's a message I am here to learn.

Monday, July 22, 2013


My eye hurts! I'm unhappy! My eye is gooey from the medicine! This is making my eye sting!

To sum up, dabbing antibiotic ointment in one's eyelid for the treatment of a bacterial infection is gooey and inconvenient. (A phrase never used in advertising: gooey and inconvenient.) Seven more doses left. I am mad that medicating this one small body part affects the whole of me. I feel bleary and not just in my right eye. Argh!

Linking to my friend Elizabeth's piece about being struck by the sacred while going through the quotidian grind. She's a strong flavor and a sweetie. She says it's very funny that she's participating in the woo these days after being such a skeptic for so long.

Now I know another person who sliced off a fingertip with a mandoline. Be very careful. Use the grip handle if you have one. If you don't have one, consider throwing away the damn mandoline and just using a deadly, yet safer for your fingertips, knife.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Needle phobia site maintained by a science writer. Good stuff here including info on a cool new product: Buzzy. I would get one for new parents. Am going to see if we can find the tripod massager we used to have. If not I will buy something similar to try for Kat, along with an ice pack. I like the advice this parent shares. Am encouraged that I can help her with this. May try just the first hpv vax shot next week and see how it goes.


World Harvest Christian Academy, misread as 'World's Heaviest..." Sumo Christian school? Now that I think about it the 'world harvest' phrase is consistent with the evangelical message but creepy as well.

I had a mis-hearing last night to add to my pile. While discussing the weather (hot as anything Thursday and Friday, supposed to be better starting Saturday) I heard the local weather guy say "Tomorrow's high temperature will be ass" which I thought was accurate yet remarkably crude for a Kansas City local tv person. But he went on "...high or higher than today's." So I heard 'ass' when he said 'as'. Still making me laugh.

Now I need a third mis-perception to round out my bumbling progress through this week. I'm tired and ridden by hormones at the moment. Continuing as I began, I am too tired to think of one.

You know you're in Kansas when: Yesterday a coworker asked his friend, "are you going to the gym at lunch?" The friend answered, "No I was baling hay for three hours last night."

An Eva Ibbotson tribute site: Tea with Eva.

Started The Cold Dish after hearing recommendation on NPR and am liking it except that the crime committed by the high school boys is stomach turning. That's the story driver though because one of those boys has just turned up dead. Maybe I can skim the back story bits. I really like big fat Walt who doesn't like donuts and the Wyoming setting.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tally ho!

Bun's last softball game of the summer was last night and they had ice cream afterwards and got a trophy. It was a nice evening, lots of camera ready clouds moving around and a steady breeze. We got 90 seconds of rain as we headed home. I wish it had rained all night, maybe we'll get some of that action in September.

I am trying to figure out how to schedule the fishing trip with Bun, the amusement park visit with my girls plus Kat's friend, the next roller skating outing, the giant robot fights movie for everyone but me. These are important things and I don't want to lose this last month before school starts. Just realized that I could take a vacation day and go to the rides, we wouldn't have to do a Saturday. Scheming now.

Scalzi's Red Shirts is good fun. I was sad when I couldn't get through Fuzzy Nation. But this one moves right along and the challenge of figuring out this universe is a good tussle. The characters are a little thin but they're sassy and it's tolerable. Clearly this writer is gifted with much plotting and that pesky character sketching is secondary.

Katy's softball team lent a couple of players to field for the other team who were short-handed. I hadn't seen that happen before, thought it was a good neighborly practice. Watched a little boy with a magnifying glass setting sticks on fire behind the bleachers. His parents were watching too and encouraging him. Oddballs. It was on concrete and did not escalate. But what the hell! Clouds went away unlike Monday night. We were all panting and Nod sent Bun to the snackbar to get me some ice. Had to lie on the couch when we got home. Didn't get anything but reading done before bed. Am reading Half Magic to the kids because they said they didn't remember it much. I like the narrative voice and should now give some witty examples but don't have the book to hand. Kat just read Little House in the Big Woods and said that the vocabulary reminded her of this book which is intriguing. I wouldn't have thought they had anything in common.

Going to see the doctor about my goopy eye which is better but still goopy every blasted morning. I've been using eye makeup again this week because I felt too plain during my two weeks without it. Am ready to pitch the pencil and mascara and buy new if instructed to do so. Must remember to use correct card to pay. Have made checkup appointments for both girls. Asked about the vax's for Kat and what to do about general anxiety on that front. We have a family friend who could give her a counseling session or two. I don't know if she'll be interested in that. I have to tackle her on this in the next few days.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Just reminded by Mighty Girl's post about my need to have certain summer experiences in order to feel seasonally fulfilled. I think I'm well on my way to summervana.

  • Watermelon. Yes! I have to steel myself not to buy any until the very end of June because the early ones are rarely any good. I got one the week before the 4th and will finish its deliciousness tonight.
  • Snocone. We went to Tad's and had some after one of the first softball games. I will probably need to go to the County Fair and get another one to feel that I've really achieved this.
  • Swimming outside. I've been to the outdoor pool twice and the lake swim beach once. Feeling anti pool since I got violently ill after my second visit (norovirus?). 
  • Glasses fogged up when exiting the grocery store. Hasn't happened yet but I have faith in humidity.
  • Fireflies. Nod told me that I must go see the fireflies in the garden on Sunday night. I wanted to just stay on the couch and read but I hauled my bones out the door. And lo, it was great. The lightning bugs were flickering in the garden rows in a beautiful show. Fairies really seemed like the only correct explanation for all that beautiful random patterning.
  • Some sort of midway/carnival rides. I don't need to ride them just stroll among the colored lights and shrieking humans. Still thinking about this. Nod says he is boycotting the county fair this year, that he has seen the sights it has to offer and is done for now. I agree that it offers the rattiest, most flea bitten midway ever but still think I would enjoy a stroll around it one evening. Plus maybe a ferris wheel ride. Am thinking of taking the kids to the Kansas City amusement park dealie. Nod says that sounds even worse so he is being no help on this item.
  • Stone fruit. The Georgia peaches may be done, sigh. Am waiting for the bigger peaches that were in the store this week to ripen. Don't expect to have any to bake because I eat them all.
  • Softball. Yup that one is being thoroughly checked off. Four more games and we're done.
  • Baseball on tv. Bun and I watched the Kansas City Royals beat the Yankees in NY last night. It was pretty great.

Good Lord, perhaps I was meant to be Canadian. I base this on how much I love this blog interview about love of reading. Lord Peter Wimsey ca. Gaudy Night? But wait -- I saw him first! Jam and Idleness is the best blog name since Nothing But Bonfires. The lines that one comes from can still make me cry even though I find they are from The Winter's Tale and not from Lear as I had assumed. I might have to find a version of TWT I can watch, I find that I read plays very badly and don't understand everything that's happening.
First Gentleman: The news, Rogero? Second Gentleman: Nothing but bonfires: the oracle is fulfilled; the king's daughter is found: such a deal of wonder is broken out within this hour that ballad-makers cannot be able to express it. 
Why does that get me so much? Guess it's the found child plus the formal and pagan celebration of bonfires.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Heard someone refer to the "smell of cordite" after fireworks last week. Realized that I'd heard the word before but didn't know what the difference between cordite and gunpowder was, if any. Hasty research revealed that cordite is a smokeless accelerant used instead of black powder by the British military through WWI and II and retired after that. Weirdly I followed this reference on wikip to soldiers and factory girls who chewed cordite to get high. It's mostly nitroglycerin which has a sweet taste. At least a few of them blew themselves up with too vigorous chewing. My friend Gen said she is often struck by what a foreign country the WWI era is. It's long enough ago that many basic assumptions were just different.

MIL is perkier and more settled now that she's in the assisted living place. I've been gently trying to triangulate between her and our bro and sis-in-law as to what's happening with the overseas travel. Nod wants to put it all off until next summer since E paid and there's at least a chance that she could go then. Sis-in-law (the driver in that relationship) wants to go this fall but to more modest lodgings. I haven't heard anything directly from MIL on the subject. I want there to be consensus or at least an accepted plan. I spot checked some tickets to Wales just for fun and $1200 a ticket left me snatching my hand back. Maybe later.

Reading a mystery novel set in Aix-en-Provence. The setting is the star and I like that part but I'm plodding through it waiting for the plot to lift me along. Our protagonist juge is not appealing to me at the moment either. Lots of fairly realistic French sexism which I think the author is trying to spin as romance? This book may just be too old fashioned for me. Good to know it's possible. I've started a Carl Hiaasen novel which is full of zoomy development as a foil. I find his sexism less problematic.

Pitch Perfect, I finally got to see the ending. I liked it. But why with the firehose vomiting? I know, if you have to ask then you just don't get it. That's me.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Caution tape and camel

We ducked under the plastic tape and stepped over the wire fence. We were aiming for a spot on the levee to see the fireworks which are shot over the river. I thought the plastic CAUTION tape was put up by people who were marking a field to charge for parking. Then the show started and we were lit up -- in the field directly to the north of the launch site. Aha - so that's what the caution tape was for. We skibbled to the edge of the field and ducked out under the plastic tape again. Spread our blanket and had the best view of fireworks I have had, maybe ever. It was worth feeling like a stricken dumbass when those first shots went up. It was the best 4th evah!

Mothers are well. Mine came and stayed for five days and left on Tuesday morning. She was in better spirits than the last time I saw her. We were all a little sorry she couldn't bring her poodle puppy with her. We didn't do a lot of things but I think she and the girls had some good time together and I was glad to see her. She doesn't get a lot of joy out of life but she is witty and loves me and I want her to be as content as she can be. My MIL is in the assisted living place while her house's sewer pipes are fixed. The plumber's contract has been signed and we are waiting to hear when the work will start. Today would be good. E is healing but not too quickly. She's able to get outside and walk, I was very happy to hear that.

SIL called me at work on Wednesday and I was worried a crisis had come. (i.e. Who died?!) But it was just the crisis that she doesn't want to give up her holiday in Crete. I guess if you live in Wales you need the promise of occasional travel to a sunny vacation destination. I have to hold Nod down and get him to discuss this with me. He wants to push the tickets out til next summer. But Renee is firm that they are going, will rent a smaller place and that we should come too without E. I would like to take the girls overseas but don't want to rock boats. Need to decide what I want the most otherwise will just be sloshing between those two strong opinions.

Here's yer camel picture. Every year a fireworks stand by the highway has free camel rides for a couple days including 7/4. It was positively chilly after an early evening rain shower. Good fun to see the girls on the camel and to see Nod having such a good time picking out $15 worth of fireworks. Of course he did go back to the stand last night to "get a few more things". Which he ultimately did not have time to set off. Ah well.