Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Champagne Coffee or Pumpkin Cake

I am the hasty recommender. Here's a wonderful bit from Bizarre Victoria which seems to be a blog by a history grad student (no doubt I could read the 'about' section but then where would the mystery go?!):

Just a quick one today. I found this story in Barbara Holland's The Joy of Drinking.

"Frederick the Great of Prussia, in the eighteenth century . . . always drank seven or eight cups of coffee for breakfast, but he brewed it with champagne instead of water" (124).

That sounds just nasty. But I guess if you need to be really fast and really drunk at the same time, that's the way to do it.

This makes me laugh. 

From the frighteningly enthusiastic autumn lover, Unemployed Lawyer Mom, a link to a recipe for pumpkin yogurt cake which needs to be on my plate now.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Best blog bit of the day from the Reluctant Launderess:

At this point a mouse dashed across the bedroom floor, giving me a fucking heart attack. I tell you, it’s non-stop wildlife in these parts. Once I had regained my composure, and climbed, acrobat-like, from the bed to the hall (without touching the floor), I went in search of the Boy who picked up the dish-brush and announced, in a very serious voice: “Leave it to me, Lady.” Well he upended every piece of furniture in my room, but no sign of our furry friend, until – SQUEAK! – there it was ON TOP OF THE CURTAIN... The Boy picked up my shoe and flung it at it, whereupon it jumped down – I think I’m going to vomit just thinking about it – and scuttled out of the room, down the half-stairs, into the Boy’s room. The Boy WHOOPED for joy, legged after it, and disappeared into his room, slamming the door behind him. I have seen neither the Boy nor the mouse since, but there’s a Godawful racket coming from up there. (Update: The mouse has, so far, escaped. The Boy has just left the kitchen with a block of cheese. “I have a plan”, he tells me.

The "cunning" before "plan" is silent.

Monday, September 9, 2013


From metafilter and the rest of the intertubes.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Smaller, Doggy, Cosy

I have drifted down to a more acceptable number on the scale over the course of the summer. My waistbands are no longer strained and I feel better about my general physical manifestation. Sunlight, fresh produce and getting off the couch more often have all helped. It seems that I've also finished growing my bangs out and am no longer threatening to cut it all off so I can see out. It's not a style revolution but I'm enjoying it so far. Belly droop, dark circles under my eyes, the semi regular acne and so on are still with me. But damn it's good to be able to move and to have most of the parts working as advertised. I find myself mildly resentful at being in my late forties. I suppose I should try to enjoy them as the numbers only get more and more unlikely sounding.

This critter has come to live with us. She is happy to see you.

She is a very easy customer, her only shortcomings seem to be chewing on pencils/markers/popsicle sticks left on the floor, frequently infected ears and a lack of interest in retrieving a ball. She's half lab (thus the cute baby lab face) and half something short giving her a long torso and stubby legs. The Humane Soc. thought the other half was bassett hound but the vet says that doesn't match up with her feet, coat and tail shapes. Maybe corgi?

She had the name Hettie at the Humane Society but none of us liked that so we've clept her Snickers short for Snickerdoodle. It was the only one we could all four settle on (there was a campaign for Mickey or Minnie and our neighbor suggested Stubbs, heh.)

The dog also likes to get on the couch when we're out but I don't blame her for that. I just barricade it when I remember. We haven't heard her bark yet. She'll whine if someone leaves the house and yip if Zing connects with a claw but overall a very quiet dog. When we brought the dog home the cat went sideways, fluffed up, arched and hissed for a few days. She got absolutely no response from Snickers who avoids cats. Z has relaxed now that it's been a couple of weeks and will now occasionally go up and sniff S without attack. She only arches and hisses if surprised. Not fast friends but I'll take a general state of toleration.

I am working on delegating and telling the other family members (the ones that wanted a dog for years) to do the doggie things that need to be done. I've told them they'll be putting on boots and taking el perro out in the rain/sleet/snow. (That reminds me: the kids need boots.) I had trouble sleeping the first couple of nights wondering if she'd bark or whine or need to go out. No troubles, she sleeps through the night shut in Katy's room so the cat can have the run of the house. So far so good.

I picked up a murder mystery on some sort of blog recommendation: Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride. I didn't have a good feeling about it and finally read the first couple pages last night. It starts with a killer's reflection on the beautiful purity of dead things. I've certainly read such things before but at the moment it's not for me, I'll be returning it forthwith. I enjoyed the very cosy Quebecois mystery Still Life by Louise Penny. I can't quite buy the psychology now that I've gotten to the end but that's my general problem with mysteries these day. And that is some high quality Canadian cosy right there. I'm chewing my way through Scott Lynch's Red Seas Under Red Skies. It is taking more effort that it should. I may have to jump ship.

Saw The World's End last weekend with some friends. I was hoping for some after flick rehashing but it was not to be. The movie was fun but not one of the ages. The best bits were the skyhigh embarrassment when 1) Gary proves to his friends how he has not let go of his high school days and 2) Gary tells the kid at the urinal how the old gang is out on the town and he could come along with them. I liked the therapy circle beginning too. Oh and did you know that every British movie is contractually obligated to have Bill Nighy in it? Shaun of the Dead is still the best one.