Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Applesauce Therapy

I had some sort of fast moving digestional upset yesterday evening. Luckily it hit after work and I was able to hobble around and then go to bed early. Before collapsing for the day I cut up and peeled all our mealy little Rome apples and made applesauce. It was heavenly. Those crappy little apples were transformed by saucification with a bit of coriander, ginger and cinnamon. No sugar needed. Guts better today and now I just wish I had more applesauce.

I have a turkey. I have a pumpkin. I have cranberries. Nod is waffling on where he wants to consume these things. I will tell him to buy the good wine and then I will cook for him. He only has Thursday off. I am taking Weds to be with the kids and get Th and Fr as holidays.

Got my crown installed yesterday. They color matched my teeth very well, yellowed ivory. I will schedule the next one in the early spring after I've forgotten this one.

I have been getting cold at work and have decided it's time to knit myself some half gloves. Or maybe find some nice wool blend socks to cut holes in. That'd be quicker.

In case I didn't mention them: Thor, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Ruth Downie's ancient Roman murder mysteries, all thumbs up experiences.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Tiptoeing through some Thanksgiving recipes. Carefully avoiding making a practical plan for the holiday (maybe this weekend). Here is The Bitten Word guys' Sweet Potato Cake with Marshmallow Frosting. That looks incredible and also appeals because I have a large amount of sweet potatoes in the pantry. Here is their Mexican Chocolate Tart from 2010 which I would like to eat now, please. With the almond extract and the cinnamon it wouldn't be the thing for my husband who has very traditional chocolate pie desires. Like this I think, and now I want to make one of those. I like turkey too but at the moment I wish I could just buy a big pile of turkey wings and roast those. It would look a little funny on the serving platter but it would taste good. I don't suppose anyone wants to buy their roasting bird without wings.

This weekend will be for birthday party planning for Kat. The 12 year old sleepover is a week from tonight. Eeek. Must plan timeline, food stuffs and extra entertainment options. Must get bday present too. That's easy because Kat cut all her hair off and is now favoring dangling earrings. I can find some of those.

We may all go see Thor this weekend. I get the impression that reviews are B-. Per Rotten Tomatoes it's edging out Bad Grandpa, I'll take it! I'm glad that CHems gets to deflate now. Looks like I should go see Enough Said before it leaves our downtown theater. Julia LD, what can't she do?

Dinner recipe bulletin board:
Red Lentil Thai Chile (with coconut milk and red curry paste!)
Turkey Black Bean Chile (with cocoa powder)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Out and about

Back from downtown Chicago and no, I didn't see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Darn. Nevertheless I enjoyed my brief sojourn among the skyscrapers. Loved this public art project on State St. I just saw it on my shuttle ride in so I didn't know it made noise, not sure it needs to. The lights look a bit like stylized cattails and the frosted glass makes the colors soft. The conference was a good opportunity and I don't think I did it justice. I have a hard time being a committed conference participant. I attend presentations and events but I rarely put myself forward to make new contacts. Heard that the river tour was chilly this time of year. I would love to go back with the fam in a warmer month. I took myself out to see the bean in Millennium Park. Got to ride the El and had to ask a ridiculously nice ticket office person to show me how to use my ticket. (I watched the real commuters but they all had cards that they scanned, rather than my $5 paper ticket that had to go in a slot. Badoomboom!) Bought some decadent chocolate raspberry cake at a French cafe/bakery. So glad my colleague had a birthday to provoke such behavior.

That's me in the pink jacket giving centerstage to the pigeons.