Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nimble Nidra

Yoga last night was good and relaxing. I was more humble this time and didn't get angry at my limited ability to do the stretches. This was a different teacher who was very accepting too. She often made pleased sounds when exhaling and clearly was getting a lot out of the poses herself. It gave me the very good feeling that I was performing internal massage. We ended with yoga nidra, which is supposed to be a body asleep/mind awake experience. I think. I mostly stayed on track and enjoyed the self hypnosis. 'I will concentrate on the light' was what my brain wanted to work on. What does that mean?

Some neighbors have seedlings started with grow lights in the Common House. I looked at them before yoga and realized that some are already the size of micro greens. I could make a salad but that would be very mean. Nod picked up a seed catalog and was reading about goji berry bushes that can grow in our climate. He's ready to order. March is only two days away, come on, come on!

All Cat All The Time

The cat woke us every day at 4 - 4:30 am last week. She scrabbled noisily on the bottom of our mattress and one morning in a cardboard box in my closet. Just seemed to think it was time to get up and get going. Probably spring fever with the milder temps and more morning light. I didn't have any trouble getting back to sleep because 4am but Nod was motivated to acquire some new squirt guns as a response. We also shifted the cat's feeding time to later in the evening. And before a shot could be fired, the cat hasn't woken us again. Now I need to think about food amounts because she is chunking up under all that luxurious fluff. We have successfully gotten her to be an almost exclusively inside cat and it's not surprising that she's gained weight over time.

Zing likes to sit on a lap and purr her inaudible purr. She likes a little petting, but after a few strokes has had enough and will bite (fairly gently) or scratch. Her best spot to get rubbed is right underneath her tiny chin. This little area is where she wants all the friction. We enjoy each other's company especially if I have a book to read and can sit still for 10 or 20 minutes. I am often able to oblige.

I feed the cat first, before the dog when I'm putting down food for them both. This was initially to signal to the dog that the cat had precedence because she was here first. I wanted them to know that. Message received. Now if Nod puts meat scraps for Snickers (~45#) in the dog's bowl the cat (<10 first.="" get="" hers="" hilarious.="" over="" p="" right="" rushes="" to="" totally="">
The dog and cat have gotten more relaxed around each other. Despite some interest on both sides they still don't know how to play together. The dog was shaking a stuffed toy last week and the cat galloped up to her, didn't make contact and then zipped away again. Another time the cat was batting around an almond. The dog watched, ears pricked and clearly wanted to get the toy that the cat had. After the cat was done the dog edged her way around the room until she was equidistant from the nut and the cat. Not wanting to directly confront the cat, Snickers squeezed underneath a wooden chair to try and reach the nut. I laughed until the tears came watching her try to be tiny enough to go under that chair. Finally the dog delicately picked up the nut and carried it off. She chomped on the shell a couple of times and then I took it away from her. "The cat has it so I want it" seemed to be the message. Very much a sibling dynamic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Uplifting Hunger

It's a new bra day! I forgot about it until after lunch so it has already passed the comfort test. Glad I went and tried things on, the brand I thought was my new home didn't work at all. What happened to the secure buttresses, Olga? What I saw were sad flimsy contraptions. Bali hasn't been my shape historically but they had a stretchy underwire combo that seems serviceable. It was worth the trouble but lordy there is nothing more humbling than seeing myself in an ill-fitting bra in dressing room lighting.

I took Kat shopping, she needed bras too and a pair of shoes. She also got socks last weekend to cover her extravagantly long feet. We were a good team and both got what we needed at one store. At the end hunger and shopping burnout were sneaking up on us. Kat had to tell me to slow down, I was doing my superfast retail walk. We stopped at Subway on the way home to acquire edibles. It was the best (only) meatball sandwich I've had in a long time.

I made pan bread last night. I often make a small amount of yeast bread dough. I do this because I like to eat it raw. This grosses my husband out but I figure it's about the same nutritional effect as eating pretzels. I don't want very much raw and once I'm through with that I cook the rest as flat bread in an iron pan. Often I mix up some salted yogurt with feta and mint if I have it. It was quite delicious last night. I also broiled a couple of eggplants. These are my atonement for the one I allowed to get moldy and had to throw out. I am of three minds what to do with this wonderful stuff. Nod reminded me about Strange Flavored Eggplant which I make into an entree by adding tofu cubes. I found this soup recipe which sounds like the soupy incarnation of baba ganoush. Or something more tomato-y...

I am quite hungry if you can't tell. Don't know if it is the antibiotics or spring fever or just native appetite. I'll get to use it at the downtown ramen place tomorrow for a birthday lunch. Yippee!

Nod is thinking about getting his lower wisdom teeth out. He's been having headaches and jaw clenching and it may have to happen. I am happy to have said goodbye to mine at 20.

Speaking of dentistry, I've just finished Doc by Mary Doria Russell. I can't recommend it entirely but I was entertained. Plenty of anachronistic thoughts and feelings are woven in. But the characters are compelling and the material is hard to resist. I liked reading it especially since I had just skimmed through Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend that Nod had brought home from the library. That biographer's prose is pretty turgid but I trusted his winnowing of some of the fantastical accounts. Including the story of harelip repair surgery on Holliday as an infant. Poppycock! I must confess that I did not persevere with Roberts' text beyond getting to Dodge. His attempts to draw larger conclusions about the nature of Southerners and Westerners, men or women, were not successful.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Rowr, or rather woof. A Companion to Wolves is keeping me up nights reading late. The cover art is a good counterbalance to the Patricia Briggs series (example) that my friend said he couldn't read on the bus without a paper cover to save his reputation. The way the mating behavior of the pack is reflected in the humans' sexual behavior is almost plausible and certainly entertaining to contemplate. The book skates on the edge of ludicrous for me but keeps redeeming itself. The wolf characters are well imagined and of course have made me cry already. Elizabeth Bear has an appealing imagination. She believes in the power and romance of deep friendship. I haven't read the co-author before, am a bit put off by the synopsis for Melusine. Though I suppose I shouldn't knock it 'til I've tried it.

My skin is drying up and smoothing out. The acne on my chin is receded and my nose is healed. I am supposed to be on this antibiotic for another month. My skin should be much improved by then but I'm not looking forward to these weeks. I am a bit dizzy and heartburn-y. But maybe it'll settle down.

And this picture from the LJWorld eloquently expresses both our late winter weather and my almost weekly experience listening to the news from our capitol. Yes, their sign says "EMBARRASSED BY KANSAS LEGISLATORS".

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vague and Hazy

Thursday feels like a steep hill this morning. After the recent viral unpleasantness I can't get back to coffee in the mornings. Which means things are a bit on the slow side brainwise.

I'm daydreaming of soup. This is my latest plan: Creamy Rosted Red Pepper Cauliflower Soup. But I have to customize, I think the cauliflower should be roasted too, not just the peppers. Dang maybe I'll go out for a ramen lunch first. For future plotting, here's the Kitchn Soup Recipe section.

Now I've stewed my tea. I will mentally drum my heels on the floor, shouting "unfair!unfair!unfair!" It's too bad that my fine and private tantrum will not result in a better cup of tea. Must start over after lunch.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About a foot

We got around 12 inches of snow yesterday. School and my workplace are closed for the second day in a row. I did the scramble with the other panicked fools on Monday evening: grocery store and gas station. It was crowded and there were some pixilated drivers out on the roads. I remembered to stay chill and give everyone some room. And even though I felt like an ant in the anthill you just stuck a stick into, I am so smug that I did those errands. We have milk and bread and can last through.

I think I will be going to work tomorrow. Not sure about school but it seems probable. Looming in front of me is my self-evaluation for work. I need to make at least a first draft today. It is a list of qualities that I am to rate myself on with comments. Despite putting it off for a few weeks, it has not done itself. I have to psych myself up to get to the peculiar neutral bragging tone that seems appropriate. I am great and this is how.

Middlesex, what a happy ending. The comedy/tragedy cufflinks lead into the ending which has both a consummation and a funeral. I was quite concerned, with a sick feeling in my stomach, that Calliope was going under the knife to be made a girl. 'It's going to be Hedwig and the Angry Inch all over!' thought I. But no. Dr. Luce was a well drawn character. I was glad that we finally found out why his brother's nickname was Chapter Eleven at the end. Can anyone explain to me why Chapter Eleven's nickname for his sister was the Great Salt Lake? On the same lines I was impressed that the Obscure Object of Desire was never named. That must have taken some fancy writing at times. Father Mike's leaving the rails was crazy, and distracting and unnecessary. Probably no more so than Jimmy Zizmo's disappearance and reappearance but I felt that was better woven into the whole piece.

We may be reading Lightning Rods next...