Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A New Life Awaits You

Watching my reactions at starting an exercise routine. The first day I was so proud of myself and I was convinced that this changes everything! I started rehearsing conversations in my head discussing my before and after states. I could tell it was an overreaction to what was one day of trying something new. I decided to channel all that energy and infatuation and use it to keep the thing going. A secret project was born, to continue on with this activity for one week without talking about it to anyone (including spouse and blog). Today is day 9 so the honeymoon continues and the gag order has been lifted. I was thinking I have a ways to go until I hit 21 days to cement the habit but this Forbes article by the wackily grinning Jason Selk says that's bushwah.'s article cites a study indicating it's more like three to seven months until habits feel automatic, not one. Seven months gets me through November so that's something to look forward to.

I'm doing a walk/jog/walk route that takes me about 30 minutes first thing in the morning. My joints are okay so far. A few knee twinges have proven to be fleeting so I feel this is working. No amazing physical changes have been detected yet. I'd like the middle flab to be modified but will accept a generally improved fitness level.

Looking for a loose knit sweater pattern for the 12 y.o. She thinks she likes open stitches but the holes must not be too big. Have scanned Ravelry patterns until my eyeballs are tired. Will switch to look at books for ideas.

New haircut is a hit with me and others. Need to get Kat take some pictures. I have decided to do a little pruning on the left side of my bangs where it is too heavy. It's good to have a shape again. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Snakes

My Easter Sunday contained multitudes. It was a very good day. We avoided church and did not have to go be a part of family events. Not having to dress up and make it to any scheduled things felt like sweet indulgence. I woke up in a bad mood and wasn't enthused about egg hiding or hunting. I told Nod to stop trying to cheer me up. He worked with the girls, while I got cracking on some breakfast and caffeine. They worked their magic and I felt much cheerier by the time the kids had found all the goodies. Nod made up some clues for them to follow to find their chocolate bunnies. Who can resist a treasure hunt? Bun asked me about mixing up the frosting to decorate the cookies I had grumpily baked the night before. We got out the big fat Joy of Cooking and she sifted powdered sugar. The girls and I had a wonderful time decorating the cookies. Nod asked about photographing them but that is not my idea of fun. You enjoy decorating them, admire them for a little while and then enjoy eating them. The circle of life. Or something.

We took our balding mutt to the dog park. Kat and I have decided that she is a pure bred Semi Balding British Pigdog. Still don't know what the dog is allergic to, I got a mysterious message from the vet that I could not decipher. Dog seems happy if increasingly moth eaten. She was certainly happy to be in the car with all of us on Sunday. Down by the reservoir outlet stream we saw little frogs. And we saw a lot of snakes. A cute little snake beside the path. A big dead snake the fishing dudes across the stream held up, "Watch out for snakes!" The coiled up snake Kat almost stepped on and a couple more in the water. The ones we saw were all in or near the water. I am not a good at identification and while I don't mind seeing a snake I would rather not risk anyone getting bit. We went back up the hill for a picnic and saw no more reptiles. I can imagine combining snakes with conventional Easter symbols could be fun to illustrate.

Back at the ranch Nod snoozed while I watched some baseball on tv. I had gotten a slight sunburn which was probably good for me. Later we moseyed over to our neighbor's porch and sang songs. My favorite new song was The Great Storm Is Over by Bob Franke. (Damn, he has another song I need to hear. "Waiting for Ninevah to Burn" is a great title. I love the name of that city.) Nod and Tilly rocked out with some Jesus Christ Superstar and we sang a variety out of Rise Up Singing. Nod went off to cook for potluck and the women hung out for a while longer. I found out that one of my neighbors is from the south but grew up mainly in South Korea because her folks are missionaries. Convivial goodness.

Just realized that I ate no chocolate on Easter. Is that legal? Not buying any for the kids (except for the special critter in a box) was a good decision.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steppe It

Just finished Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear. I enjoyed it with its pan Asian sweep and comic book cliffhanger ending. The Mongolian/Tuvan herder culture is compelling. If you've heard Tuvan throat singing you have experienced some of this. Yurts and ponies and wide open spaces. Oh! I just searched for Kongar ol Ondar, the first throat singer I ever heard and found that he died last summer. Here is the website in his name and an obituary in the LA Times. I feel sad at this news. Another series that uses the touchstone of Genghis Kahn as a jumping off place is The Lens of the World by R.A. MacAvoy. I was swept away by those books when I read them initially. They seemed absolutely new and strange and yet engaging adventure reading. I am waffling on re-reading them, fearing a loss of magic. But Tea with the Black Dragon still holds its pull, so I should give it a go. Oh! Here you should read this interview with RAMacA too. I am all feely today. (But I can't really recommend Death and Resurrection, her newest, try one of the others. Maybe she'll write more!!)

Ms. Bear's writing I like although I find it a bit mannered. Sometimes I do not know what her meaning is, as though she has sketched the scene or backstory without actually putting all the bits down. It's preferable to being bludgeoned by repetition I suppose. I like how she rolls herself up in the storytelling. She has a good sense of moments of ultimate drama and sets them carefully. The steppe bowman standing in the saddle and loosing arrows atop his running mare was the one that got me in this book.

Neurotic avoidance was temporarily defeated last weekend when I got off my rear and communicated about the lodging we are trying to locate for 4-6 people for a wedding in San Francisco this July. I don't feel very competent to arrange such but the conversation needed to be started and I could do that. Spoke with my college friend Statsgirl last night and it was lovely to hear her voice. She is a low drama / high results person and I am encouraged by our start on this project. It'll be fun to hang out and be touristy with her. I realized that I have never stayed at a hotel in San Francisco.

I'm rather excited to have such a fun trip ahead of me. Now to plan what kind of ridiculous hat to wear for the fairy tale theme. I'm thinking the tall cone with the floating gauzy ribbon and chin strap would be a hoot. Yet perhaps impossible to pack. I can't face a poofy dress on my 47 yr old bod, I would rather wear something I feel good in. I can get with a silly hat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Made this last night and it is a success. Kat liked it straight from the pan. I have a resistance to whole chickpeas* so I whizzed it up with the immersion blender and find that a great improvement. [*So starchy.] It uses all the spices that there are and has some zip due to the cayenne plus half of a fresh jalapeno. I bought some turmeric for this recipe and will look for other opportunities to turn things yellow. I haven't ever used turmeric before and am intrigued.

Blog about gut flora and using fermented foods and probiotics to help reduce eczema symptoms. I am reading with interest but haven't yet gotten motivated enough to try and understand the ph and bacteria population stats. In short: yay for sauerkraut! I think the entry on women possibly needing more fiber in their diet than men is interesting.

More recipe links because who am I kidding. Food, food, food.
Stovetop Mac&Cheese&Kale

Artichoke, Kale, Ricotta Pie

Roasted Banana Caramel Milkshake
Caramel Sauce for the milkshake

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spa Day

Should you ever find yourself feeling scared and desperate about ordinary things, you should probably read Swistle's latest. She gives easy steps to being your own therapist. It's so full of gentle, practical self-love that it makes my toes curl. She even includes signs that indicate a real professional should be consulted. I'm in favor of counseling when needed and in favor of self-acceptance at all times. I am looking forward to trying this (maybe later today!) -- out loud.

I think we all need to look at something beautiful today. How about a closeup of the tiny rocks and ground down shells that are the grains of sand on a beach. That link is just one guy's photos but here's a tour of the world's beach sand magnified. Oh and now I've found a lovely rabbit hole, this page is a visual tour of the life in the sandy beach at Santa Barbara, California. I never knew about blood worms, they seem like something my father would have used for bait when surf casting. He used sand fleas, I loved digging those up on California beaches. Ahh, I can almost smell the sea.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Less gnawing

Face is better so the doctor said to cut my antibiotics dose by half. I find that the near-constant hunger has lifted. At least it was hunger for good stuff, I was busily plotting to cook vegetables and beans and whole grains in amongst the white flour and cheese. It feels like I will be able to think of something else for a change now. Here and there at least.

I went for a bike ride yesterday evening. I grabbed a fleece layer and needed it. The skies were clear but came with a nip to the air. Riding a bike doesn't feel like exercise to me. Just an outing and a quick opportunity to zoom. I found no traffic at the major cross street so I went out past the grain elevators and turned around at the south end before the underpass. Some skateboarders were doing tricks in the underpass and all was right with the world.

I am trying to wash the dog's ears every day and put anti fungal drops in. She hates it but maybe this will help clear it up. The vet said the thyroid test was fine and now we are waiting to see if they can determine the allergen from a blood test.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I am picking at Queen Lucia by E.F Benson. It is a definite flavor and I'm glad I didn't try to read it when I was younger. Although maybe I would have found the characters more purely funny, now I have to think about whether I want to laugh at all these older duffers. I guess I'll read some more and see where the plot leads before I decide if I like the book.

Just finished The Manual of Detection by Jedediah (woo!) Berry. I wonder if that first name comes from family archives, a religious expression or whimsy. It reminded me of Dark City a scifi noir movie hardly anyone has seen with Rufus Sewell. The movie is slanted more toward suspense, the book is not so scary but still has a world contained within a city where the population may be manipulated when they are asleep. I will look for something else he's written.

Mary Poppins is bedtime reading for Bun, Kat has opted out. We had a pitted argument one evening when Kat insisted that I've read it to them before. I haven't but it's the sort of British classic kiddie claptrap that I'm liable to bust out with at any moment. So I can understand her confusion. She's well into YA distopian reading and trying to find the adventure stories she prefers to the romance stories. Ooh, I just checked the Rotten Tomatoes rating for Divergent, the film adaptation of a series Kat loves. That's not a good rating.

We all four went to see The Wind Rises last Tuesday evening despite my crotchety resistance at going out on a work/school night. I'm glad we did it after all. Ours were the only kids in the audience at the art house downtown. The movie was wonderful. Some of the characters are reminiscent of others from past Miyazake movies. I wish it had been in Japanese but it was dubbed in English. Nod said he wanted to go see the Muppets movie en famille but lately he's been waffling; we may go without him. And then Bun wants to go see the new Captain American movie that opens this week. Wow, that one is scoring high at RT.

Bun's birthday month started early last Saturday with getting her ears pierced. We went to Claire's downtown when they had two clerks so she could get both ears done at once. There was a six y.o. waiting to go after and she had the worried brow, her mother was saying they didn't have to get her ears pierced that day. Bun was calm and only had a little lip wobble after the pinch. She seems very pleased with the result.