Thursday, October 30, 2014


What am I doing today?

Bringing my coffee to work in a mason jar. I couldn't find a travel mug and this worked really well.

Redirecting my attention back to work tasks. I would prefer to work when requets come in and read the entire internet in between. I find that I'm good at writing things down, not so good at looking at them ever again. I'm getting feedback that I'm going to need to develop that skill and follow through on stuff. Even the stuff that isn't new and exciting. I realized I had an overdue task during yesterday's team meeting. Got it done this morning and am going to try and check a few others off today.

Feeling less cronelike today. I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts and my hair is doing a thing I like. I mentioned to Kat that I thought I was looking older in the face this fall. She denied any knowledge of this. Although it was nice to hear, I am quite sure that in her almost 13 yr old mind I am plenty old. As I am. Still working with that acceptance-not-resignation thing.

Being happy that it's Hallowe'en tomorrow. I got Kat's Joker jacket and vest sewed up last night and we are both pleased. Sort of looking forward to spraying Bun's hair pink tomorrow for her Princess Bubblegum getup. I acquired some candy so we can give out when we're at home. The jack o'lanterns are molding and I better take a picture tonight before the worst happens.

Being a relieved parent: Kat is feeling better and worked on homework last night and went to school today. I think she'll stay for the whole day this time. One reason I know she's feeling better is that we are tussling regarding her desire to go to a Halloween sleepover tomorrow. Nod and I are united that she should not. I expect to win but it will probably be uncomfortable for all of us. 11pm pick up at the friend's house? More debate to come.

Before I forget -- an experience from our New Mexico Trip in October. We went for the second week of the ABQ Balloon Fiesta and it was a really good trip despite colds, homework and wind. One day it was too windy for balloons so we went to Santa Fe for a stroll around the plaza, a little shopping and lunch. We ate at Tia Sophia's which is just off the plaza on San Francisco and has been there forever. I think I remember eating there when my high school boyfriend was a projectionist at the Lensic across the street. It was recommended by the toy store guy in the shopping center and it was thoroughly great! My chile relleno with green and red sauce was the best. I may not be able to eat this dish again after that one. Everyone had great food, the kids enjoyed the sopapillas. (I'm happy to say that I think I have finally grown out of sopapillas, it only took 47 years.) It was busier when we were paying the check and I had to wait at the till. The owner or manager was trying to describe some of their menu items to some European women, slightly older than I, with very fancy hair. Though they spoke excellent, barely accented, English, they were clearly out of their depth and having trouble understanding the nature of a) a stuffed sopapilla and b) posole. I loved the earnestness of the manager almost throwing his hands up at the impossibility of verbally describing these dishes to someone who's never seen/tasted them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pebbles and dross

God almighty. Spill out some sentences and fill in the blanks.
Dog, needs ears cleaned, skipped a day.
Alash Ensemble tonight, Nod's idea of a must-do outing. Kat's still
sick and should stay home. Hope she's okay with that.
Trees have been going up like fireworks, colored leaves have blown off
in the gusty winds. The bright yellow gingko and red maples across the
street are mostly bare now. I didn't walk under the glowing yellow
tree, I have regrets.

Work friend is trying to buy a house in town. She has two possibilities,
one costs $50K more and is in the tony golf course neighborhood. I
would never opt for that, don't want to keep up with any Joneses and
would much rather keep my funky house in good shape than try to do
right by a showplace. But she has her husband to think of, a man who
loves to be outdoors or out in the garage and would have more lot with
the 'spensive house. Getting rid of her big bad commute is worth putting
up with plenty, but paying how much?

A little anxiety about not being so busy at work. The start of the
semester was an avalanche. Then the certified trainer program was a
new kind of stress and busy. Now it feels like we've got very little
going on. I tend to revel in that state but would like to know where
the boundaries are.

It's all beautiful and nothing lasts. Thank you, John Scalzi's dream for
that sentence. I haven't had any memorable dream souvenirs for a while.

I found my flipping bite plate so I didn't have to spend $200+ on a new one.
It had fallen down the side of my mattress and was up against the bedframe.
The second time I changed the sheets I thought to look there. Such a relief.
Next lost item:  the Halloween card the girls wrote to their grandma. They
finished it and I stamped it and had it Monday morning before work. Then I
looked for it that day and... might have put it in the outgoing mail tray? Or
hid it under one of the many objects in our house? Grrr.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I improved our bedroom over the weekend. It has not reached nirvana yet but is feeling more enlightened than when I started. The previous tenants left their bedroom curtains up for us. Which is a kindness -- we did not have to either resort to hanging up a sheet or to running to the store and buying curtains in great haste (which would involve swearing, marital discord and/or regret).

The curtains were odd though: one set of cream cotton and one set of green cotton curtains, all hung with shower curtain rings. I had a set of floral patterned curtains that I thought could be combined somehow to good effect. I acquired some clippy curtain rings on Saturday and set myself to improving the status quo. I found out that the green curtains were twice as long as the cream and had been safety pinned up to match lengths. Everything was dusty. Unpinned and into the washer they went and lo, I had a big pile of shower curtain rings. After washing I found that the long green curtains were a) stained, b) not wide enough to cover the windows, c) not the same length as the floral pattern ones I wanted to add, and d) revolted me once they were up on the rods by themselves. After banishing the greenies I put up the cream set. They proved to be a) not as stained, b) too short when strong on the rod, and c) slightly different values of cream. I popped some shower curtain rings on them to add length and put the florals on the ends and ahhhh. I don't care about the shades of cream because the floral contrasts enough. The whole combo is light colored and restful to the eye. I am resolved to never think about the shower curtain rings again even though they offended me mightily at first.

#1 Child is home sick today. With a selection of non lethal symptoms: her head is draining which makes her cough when she lies down. She felt hot and cold in the night but didn't feel feverish to the maternal hand this morning and I never got around to taking an actual temperature. She completed her homework yesterday night so I don't think she is telling tales. A day of rest can't hurt.

#2 Child is gone to school in another crazy getup. Her grandma commented on this when we were in ABQ. Bun is creative with the pattern mixing and never met a bright color she doesn't like. We won't lose her, even in a dim room she will glow. We've got our new laptop hooked up to the internet lifeline now and Bun was watching funny pet videos yesterday. Peals of giggles. I find her laughter irresistible and predict that will be what attracts her life mate. I know that's dumb and I won't breathe a word. But mark my words...

Jack o'lanterns are carved and glorious. The warm weather won't be good for them but they only have to last til Friday night. Got Bun's pink dress for Princess Bubblegum at Goodwill. Decided Kat's Joker can wear stripey pants so we don't have to acquire purple ones. Bought green hair dye. Nod keeps on swimming which is so good for him. He's delighted at the muscle def. I got out and yogged a couple of times so I can try and keep up with him.

Raising Steam never took off and I think that was my farewell to the Discworld series. The series will continue to be a source of solace and delight but even if there are later books published I don't think I'll need to read them. Gratitude.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Series of World

Rain in the night and in the dark morning. The dog kept slowing down on the morning walk as if to ask why are we walking in the rain? To get it done, Bubba.

I got the date of the kids' dentist appointments wrong. After carefully coaching them to walk over on their own today. It's tomorrow instead but at least I found out before they had set out. I know I am not the worst at logistics but I also know that it's a weakness of mine. Everything seems negotiable in my brain so I have a hard time keeping the days/times/places nailed down. Just think how unpredictable I could become once I get forgetful in my old age!

Taco Night ruled last night. I'm happy that everybody seemed to have a good time, even the tired super toddler. After we waved the naybs out the door we turned on the baseball game and got to watch the Royals get 5 runs in the 6th inning. Highly satisfying.

It's almost time to carve pumpkins. And finish costuming. Oldest child says she wants to go to a sleepover party at a friend's house on Halloween night. I feel sad about loss of family time. Will look for the spouse's strong opinion to see if we match. Youngest child has also been invited to a sleepover that night but says she'd rather go trick-or-treating. Needs: purple leggings, pink long dress. K is still tailoring her purple jacket and needs green hair dye for the Joker. We have L's pink hair spray and she will need to make herself a Princess Bubblegum circlet.

I am looking for a book to swan dive into. I have a couple of pulpy novels (think were-vamp characters) that I don't expect too much from. Maybe it's time to re-read something. I am liking Raising Steam but it isn't wowing me and I know it won't last nearly long enough.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No frost, just pumpkins

Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell dry leaves and woodsmoke! Walked the dog last night about 7:30. In the dark. Much like it was when I walked her in the morning in the dark. But it was a cool, not cold evening and this is a beautiful autumn week. The mosquitoes are finally discouraged by lows in the 40s. The sky has been clear and blue. We're getting a big finish from some of the maples turning colors. There's one that is arrestingly yellow. I exclaim every time I drive past it on Connecticut. I think I need to walk underneath it before the leaves fly.

The fam got their pumpkins to carve for jack o'lanterns two weekends ago while I was toiling on my powerpoint presentation. I will go get a grocery store pumpkin so I can join in the carving this Friday. I admired a neighbor's pumpkin on the porch last week and saw there was already a squirrel bite out of it. Those fancy tailed rats are very spoiled this year: acorns are everywhere. Makes me wish I had a few pigs to herd.

I am a [vendor's name] Certified Trainer. I could have done better on my class participation. Mostly I'm glad it's done.

Maybe I can get a jog in this evening before the baseball begins. We are tickled that the World Series is on a free tv channel that we get. Go Royals!

I'm seeing greater age in my face lately. I'm getting some pre menopause signs from the umpire. (Okay that metaphor got away from me. Wild pitch!) I continue to feel set in my ways socially. Not much libido to speak of. I will take a deep breath and walk the line between acceptance and resignation. I'm lucky to be here! I'm lucky to be alive! (Said in Spalding Gray's imitation of a South African accent, misquoted from Swimming to Cambodia.)