Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hackety hack

Took Bun to the doctor yesterday after listening to her cough all night. She officially has a terrible cold and we have an OTC antihistamine and cough suppressant for night. It feels a bit futile but I was happy to have a medical professional listen to her lungs and find nothing scary. She's puny in the morning and I would like to let her sleep in every day but I hardened my heart and made her go to school this morning. We'll make it to the end of the week gods willing and then surely things will get easier. Nod woke up this morning feverish and sore throatish. This virus is a bugger. But that's all of us -- there is no one left in the house to get this sore throat experience.

I recommend looking at this delightful visual representation of how helpful different vitamins and supplements are.

A picture from a visitor to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Because it's a beautiful place. And Saguaro cacti.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chicken Cuteness

The two chickens from next door have been invading our yard lately. They hop their little three foot fence at every opportunity and are often found in the surrounding yards. They were in our backyard when I was home sick. I let the dog out in front so she wouldn't bother them. I do wonder what they are finding to eat. The near-sighted dog did finally catch sight of them as they strolled back and forth past the sliding glass door. Snickers' ears went up and she clearly wanted to go sniff them. She's too big to try it. Especially considering that their sister died by Jack Russell terrier.

Yesterday they were in the front yard when I pulled up in the car. They are chill birds. If I call them they will come see if I have treats. I don't ever have treats, I just need to pick them up and put them over the fence into their own yard. They don't like that but it's not as hard as I would expect. I find them very cute.

Here's a tribute to a good chicken who has gone to the great coop beyond. A grumpy sweet orpington, rest in peace.

When I talk about my appreciation for chickens the girls suggest that we should get some. But that's more animals that need to be petsit/boarded if we want to travel. No more livestock for now.

Friday, February 12, 2016


I'm co existing with a sore throat and trying to think of ways it could start being interesting if it's not going to go away. Warm drinks and soup are all very well but that'll do now.

Read Roller Skates by Ruth Sawyer, a book set in 1912ish NYC about a ten year old whose parents have gone to Italy for most of a year. This was on the recommendation of my friend Bee. It reminded me of the first Betsy Tacy book. It's enjoyable for its quaint setting in a corner of the city when the beat cops directed horse drawn traffic. And for the cheerful condescension of the little rich girl Lucinda who gets to have more freedom than ever before. I cringed when Lucinda finds the body of her friend, the Asian mistress of a jealous baddie. The poor girl finds her friend has suicided by jeweled dagger. The Orientalism is on at high volume! At least the kid is affected by it, she doesn't want to go into the hotel anymore after this happens.

I'm reading The Old Contemptibles, a Richard Jury mystery by Martha Grimes. I was hoping to snag one early in the series but I see this is #11. I'll see if I can stagger through it and if so then I'll try from #1.


Got sicker and I will update here rather than post again because bleah. Sore throat is mostly gone. I've moved on to phlegm management and the occasional pathetic cough. Sunday night was further enlivened by menstrual cramps. Stayed home Monday which was the right decision. Am at work at approximately 2/3 power today. I have made 4 types of soup so far during this virus. I wonder what type should be next. The veggie soup with dumplings and kale was particularly good. I haven't heard anyone else complain of kale farts yet so I will have to be the first. Most noticeable when eaten in soups -- that doesn't even sound like it makes sense.

As part of my duty as a sick person I watched the first few episodes of You, Me and the Apocalypse. Better than I expected, less silly than the ads implied. The chewy delectable accent of the white power prisoner had me wondering where I had heard it before. I was delighted to learn that she's played by Megan Mulally.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HS horizon

Monday was hungover after Sperbolling. It's been a while and I am not in favor of the hangover. I blame the red wine but it was fun on the night.

Festive to have everyone over. I've never cut up so many avocados, that was fun. I couldn't hear any of the commercials over the happy din. Still confused about why three performers at halftime. Just realized that I don't know why we call them bowl games. It can't be about stadium shapes, can it? [skimming] Wikipedia says it *is* the stadium shapes, the Yale Bowl was the first one. Where's the fun in that?

High pressure windy and cold. Went to school meetings Tues am. Both kids are doing well. K is ready to take over high school in the fall. We're still chewing on which one. I'll be the lump who doesn't want to move house and does want both kids to go to LHS on this side of town. She and her dad are all for upping sticks and going across the district line. This spring will decide it as we would have to give notice by the end of April that we intended to move end of July.

I was sympathetic until I heard from Bun that she'd lean toward the east side high school. If both kids wanted to go west (young women) I'd get on board and make it happen. But Kat wanting to go where more of her friends are going does not outweigh my preference and her sister's preference.

I'm concerned about Bun's engineering fair car construction. But she does have a hot glue gun! We'll host a brainstorming session this weekend.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New steps

Breaking trail
New responsibilities as our team lead has begun her new position. It's going better than I expected in some ways but still fills me with vague alarm as I do things for the first time.

Stood up and walked into the corner of my desk on Tuesday evening. I'll be feeling that bruise for another week.

Did a meet up and finally got cards on the table with Messenger. It was good to get it over with. We are both such cautious critters. Agreed that it'd be fun to canoodle but time and privacy are scarce for all. May just be a friendship to cultivate.

We'll be making lashings of guacamole and roasting chicken wings and have invited folks to help us watch football and eat on Sunday evening.

Kat will be part of a circus school performance at a fancy fundraiser event tomorrow. This is assuming that she feels better than last night. I've kept her home from school today, which makes me feel permissive. Oh well. Hope she will be able to rest. Fingers crossed that she will be able to go and enjoy doing the show. Conveniently enough there are rides lined up in both directions so we don't have to schlep out to deliver or pick her up from an event we can't afford to attend.

Alice Cakes
Schmutzie is writing a lot of poetry this year and sharing. Here's 'Like Alice Eating Cakes' that has a lot going for it and hits me where I live.

Life is both long and short,
so I forget the measure,
walk into the past and shrink
like Alice eating cakes.
I am again a small thing,
faulting and faulty as I was,
and no more prepared
to fight or to forgive
than when I was that child,
believing as easily:
I am the bad girl.
I am a bad girl.