Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Leaves, gourds, wrappers of terrible candies. Pumpkin acquired, we only lack one for oldest kid. Carving may start tonight if I feel the spirit. Less than a week away from all hallow's eve. Costumes aren't ready and Bun has said she may bail on the white rabbit and may go as Wednesday Addams. Shrug. My hermit crab is still a huge piece of cardboard in the garage and a gleam in my eye. We'll see, I fear that Nod got me a really sturdy box and the resulting shell will be too heavy to drag around. Must try.

Oh dear.
Cough and slight puniness cane upon me today. Sort of too bad I don't have another long weekend coming up.

Car driving license quest.
Last Friday I took our 9th grader to the city DMV office that is no longer open on Mondays or Saturdays but opens at 7am for its four day week. We got there about 8:15 and I told her that if the line filled all the chairs in the waiting room that I was not going to try to get in. But lo, the morning light showed only 4 chairs filled and two parties at the counter. We were at the counter forking over the many documents of identity within 20 minutes. Meanwhile the office radio played Carry On My Wayward Son which felt so right. Clearly the spheres had aligned. K went to the computer station to take her learner's permit test. I expected a fail as she had studied for the first time the night before. We'd also heard the clerk counseling a teenager who had failed it, 'usually people don't pass on the first try'.  But yay for spheres and luck and brains and stuff, she missed exactly the allowed number of questions and passed by the skin of her teeth. Her permit pic wasn't even terrible.

We toddled off straight to the cemetery for a first driving lesson. This seems to be the first thing I can think of that K is pretty bad at. You can't call her a natural driver. But only a few grass blades were run over and we all lived. Nod is looking forward to his turn as driving coach. As much practice as often as possible seems like the only way through.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wheel and turn

The maples are peaking and per tradition I haven't taken any photos. The autumness isn't bowling me over this year. I like it and the cool weather just fine. But some years it pierces my heart and so far I remain unpierced. Shrug. I had a moment of euphoria in NM about going north to Santa Fe. Maybe it was mostly the altitude and/or nostalgia, nonetheless I welcome it.

We're all sleeping later in the darker mornings and I am eating more. I par boiled some potatoes, halved lengthwise. Per the British instructions I then tossed them with olive oil, garlic and S&P and baked at 400 for 20 minutes. We all 4 liked them. Is that even allowed? We've entered roasting season! Seasonal shiftiness. Exercise has fallen away and I'm going to get to start again. Again.

Holey moley! Holy Hannah! I need some new old lady exclamations.

Third debate successfully avoided. I have seen some of the coverage and reactions today. Patton Oswalt's twitter feed is pretty entertaining just regarding the election this year. I have a sample ballot to make sure that I get info on the local candidates before making my marks. And I am still waiting for my absentee ballot in the mail. We haven't gotten any mail at all this week and I realize that it's time to take a utility bill to prove my residence and go ask for an explanation at the post office. I double checked to see if I had accidentally extended our mail hold beyond the NM dates. Not that I can see. Hoping to find a postal person to check this. Figuring it might take more than one run at the sheer face of the PO.

Reading Max Gladstone's Last First Snow and enjoying the Aztecan-labor politics-law firm-magical intellectualism of it. Ancillary Sword is in at the library so I need to whip through this one. It may be a while before I get through Lafayette -- I have a hard time resisting the fiction.Dessert first!

Pinky purply infinity scarf trimmed with purple bobbles was a big hit with youngest daught. I tried to text her a picture of it from the store as is the new custom. But my text took forever so I just bought it on spec. So satisfying to have it be a win. Older daught says she may want me to knit her a scarf, we'll scan Ravelry and see if anything grabs her. Was thinking of knitting a sweater for Bun but I know how poky I am. I'd like to finish my gray/white/blue sweater I started last winter before starting anything else. Guess I don't want to buy any more yarn right now so I'll see if I can pick this pattern up again.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Only a bit late for Coming Out Day, here's an affirming welcome from a book lover and former drama club teen Seanan McGuire. Very kind.

My kids are out of school Friday. One is at a friend's house for a sleepover. One brought a cough back from New Mexico and will be resting up. She has a choir concert on Monday so it's a race to get to the end of this cold as fast as possible.

This week was a bit steep after the vacation return. The kids both had end of quarter due dates to make sure all their makeup work was in. I've been productive in between bouts of screwing around at work. I feel that we've gotten thru it all quite well. Now I'm ready for a pumpkin and some time to make a costume.

Party trick party this weekend. I'm running off with a coworker's white board so I can demo mirror
writing. Gotta practice! Will bring juggling balls too. Totally looking forward to seeing all the tricks.

Inspector Grant and our cool omniscient narrator are totally filling the big for me lately. I'm on my third already.

Tazo's Sweet Cinnamon Spice tea is described in French thusly: Une tisane avec de douces volutes de cannelle mielleuse mariées à la saveur poivrée de l'anis étoilé.
I'd like someone to whisper that in my ear.

In addition to tea bags and Tey's mysteries I'm reading the Unger biography of the Marquis de Lafayette off and on and am feeling quite francophile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Better than 'Clowns!' right? That's part of my face and the panorama in the sky at about 8:00am. We got up in the dark on Wednesday morning and got out to the field in time to watch the dozen dawn patrol balloons go up in the dimness. They did a beautiful flicker glow in the air. Floating lanterns, that's what hot air balloons are. So colorful! and it was super cold! and the green chile breakfast burritos from Hello Deli! were tasty! ABQ was looking good. We went to ride the tram up Sandia Crest but found that a few other people had that idea so we hiked part of the La Luz trail instead. Such a good idea. We also got to the Petroglyphs Nat'l Monument trail on the west side of town. Our wildlife tally: roadrunners, lizards, stink bugs. quail, jackrabbits, cottontails, rock squirrels, chipmunks and many little hopping birds.

Walked through the Shidoni Foundry sculpture garden in Tesuque and visited one of their galleries. There were loaded apple trees all over the property. The only signs reminded us not to climb on the sculptures so I told the kids they could have an apple. I think Kat ate 6 tiny ones. Photo management is of course yet to be done. I will try to post my favorite sculpture pic and balloon picture more in focus.

Trying to leave the politics alone. No one needs more of that. I will bend the rule in order to share something that made me laugh: here's the first debate, Bad Lip Reading Style.

That link and more laughing curated by Miss Cellania which I found via Nag on the Lake who continues to provide high quality links and images. Those Canadians -- you can count on them.