Monday, December 19, 2016

Not all right

Cold water
I have realized that the adults are not stepping in. I'd love to be proved wrong by the end of January but judging from November and so far in December we are going to get an actively hostile government come inauguration. Not neutral or slightly bad but actively hostile to my interests. I am struggling with the idea of resistance. I started by going to the no guns on campus meeting and writing to some state legislators to ask them to change the law and not allow guns on campus and in university buildings starting next summer.

I'll look for other opportunities. Talked with Nod and we're going to keep paying taxes. For now.

From UV's blog:
"I am getting through the current times by thinking about gardening, which will probably end in me going full survivalist and learning how to make my own shoes out of dirt."

We got 2+ inches of snow on Saturday and it was pretty and terribly cold. I was grateful not to have to go more than 2 miles from my house. The tv weather folks were showing video of someone flinging boiling water into the air. It turned instantly to steam. I wish I had thought to blow some soap bubbles to see if they would freeze and settle on the snow.

The deep freeze spelled doom for the hot glue on my wreath. I have gathered the fallen pinecones and will attempt a re-do.

Wood smoke
How *do* we open the flue? Nod tried starting a fire last night with a party underway. As the house filled with smoke I opened windows and doors and was unhappy as the outside air was ~0F. Will try again under less populated circs. Once the smoke dissipated I felt much better and enjoyed the second half of the party thoroughly. Even had a good time playing CAH which is not my jam but good company is everything.

Lost objects
K lost her wallet a couple of weeks ago. She didn't have much cash in it. The learner's permit will probably be the most annoying thing to replace. It could be worse. But it's been a stab at her self image. She keeps getting upset about it and asking how could she be so irresponsible? Because objects are hard to keep track of? Then yesterday she mislaid a silver bracelet that she's worn since she was five. I tried to tell her that it happens to everyone. Either from inattention or accident some things are lost as we go through this vale of tears. Happily the bracelet turned up at her friend's house (in the blanket fort they built yesterday).

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Pod people
AV Club recommends podcasts. I'm particularly interested in the McElroy boys' show.

Rebuke and thrust
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

It should be drawn as a comic book. It has a fine stompy superhero feeling. I didn't know Catholics ever prayed to angels. Wikip confirms that ths one is pretty recent (late 1800s) from Pope Leo the thirteenth. I don't think I can use this prayer, hell is not something I have any use for. But maybe I need to find a good martial prayer to help me through the next four years.

Bread, man
I started looking at easy bread recipes recommended by mefites. This could require some thorough testing and tasting.
Whole wheat sandwich bread .
Easiest bread baked in a bowl. This looks like it takes more work but I'm intrigued.
No Time Bread. 2 packets of yeast per loaf may discourage me from this one.
Oat Soda Bread. From Heidi Swanson and friends. This one requires oat flour. I don't know if my little processor will grind the oatmeal enough but I look forward to trying it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Having a wreath on the door has made me realize how often we collectively slam that door. Nod has found that he has a tendency to brush against it with his manly shoulder as he comes in. I have reattached multiple pinecones and look forward to many more.

Sing heyThe pirate couple's annual carol party happened without us again. It's just hard to get to San Francisco for it. She provided a link to a 'hunt the wren' type carol performed a capella by Steeleye Span.
The King:

Coffee spoon covet
Ginkgo Alsace Demitasse Spoons at Bloodbath and Beyond! $10 for 4 on Dec 1, 2016. Looks like my Boston Oneida flatware.

Disappointment Roll
Reminder to self: the last two times that you have purchased a veggie sushi roll at the cafeteria you've detected a faint scent of mold. Never buy this again.

Both pets had to greet the piano tuner today and see if she needed their help. She declined but clearly appreciated their interest. In the morning cat and dog both wait for me to open the back door. They leap out together, shoulder to shoulder when I finally get it open. There could be critters/chicken poop out there! Generally they come in separately. The dog is ready as soon as she's peed and had a sniff around the perimeter. The cat may have realized her mistake as soon as her paws got wet or she may be off sparrow watching. The dog seems to spend more time outside if the cat is out. Does she just like company? Or is she convinced that the cat is doing cool things that she should be in on?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Plotting and scheming

Seasonal scheme
I wish I had more scheming going on as far as presents go. K slammed the door this morning on her furious way to the bus stop and dislodged a pinecone. I re-applied it and added some cushioning duct tape on the back of the wreath. I will also plead for gentler door wrangling for the duration. Time to make a list of the xmas/solstice holiday things we all want to do. Gingerbread cookies. Tree. Send some cards - for which it'd be nice to have a photo.

Important soup
I have put sweet potatoes on the grocery list so I can get some soup going. Also for future reference, Roasted winter squash soup from I prefer to avoid chopping raw butternut squash when possible. Chopping raw sweet potatoes is okay, barely.

Pop drop
Stovetop popcorn tip from same site. The twist is to add kernels to the hot oil and then keep the pot off the heat for 30 seconds before returning it to the burner. This is supposed to bring all the kernels up to heat so they pop more simultaneously. I must try this. I have pretty good popcorn results but every once in a while I scorch a batch while waiting for all the kernels to finish popping.

From Amalah who is a gift:  "Proud bleeding-heart feminist environmentalist pro-choice pro-LGBTQ BLM pro-refugee pro-gun-control democratic socialist heathen liberal AF up in this bitch."

Catherine Newman wants the best for everyone as you can see from her very particular and joyful gift guide. I want most of them. It's also a fundraiser, 'tis the season in so many ways. If you visit her main blog page you will see that her 3 gravy recipes post is just below this one. In case you need to gravy. I'm planning to make mashed pots and mushroom gravy for the veggie and me soon.

I have begun thawing a 13#+ turkey in our fridge. My cunning plan: When thawed, cut/hack/slice the bird down the backbone and breast into two halves. Refreeze (I know, not recommended but what else can I do with it?) one half for later (xnas?). Roast the other half triumphantly, gravy, etc., etc. Profit!

"Eagles excited to get started" reads a headline in the local (virtual) rag. My first thought was that eagles were stepping up their winter fish grabbing by the dam. But no, this story is about high school sports teams of course, not real eagles. K saw an eagle by the dam last weekend so I know they're excited to get started too.