Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Partial after all

Eclipse yearning still partially unfulfilled. But I loved getting into the path of totality, even under the thick cloud cover that blocked our view of the sky during the key time. We saw through cloudbreaks some of the sun getting covered up. Then during totality it was gorgeous to see the dark come and go all around with sunset color on the horizons. Jealous of all that got to see Bailey's Beads, take off their glasses and see the covered sun, and see stars in the daytime sky. I can see how people get bit by the total eclipse bug.

That night we got more than five inches of rain so it made me feel a little better about missing out on the sky show. At least we were blocked by *serious* clouds, not dilettantes.

Mysterious loves
Delightful discussion from the AV Club on the pop culture you love that is hard to explain. I have to tell my husband about the experimental Czech film from the 60s. He'll love that. I also enjoyed the explanation of magic tricks as "a shared experience of wonder".

Semester has started. Smoother than other years. Still not expecting to get a whole lot done outside of work until the tidal wave recedes a bit more.

Note to self: put on mosquito repellent if I work in the backyard, even strolling over to the garden to see the progress of the bugs and the bindweed. I had a fun time cutting suckers and saplings down but am still waiting for my ankles and shins to recover from the skeeter bites. Next step is getting my huge pile of cuttings into the yard waste bags.

Working on making a friend. Working on supporting a kid with anxiety symptoms. Working on my morning pushups. Ugh. This list makes me want to go swing on a really good adult-sized swing that goes really high.

Friday, August 11, 2017

White Rose

My favorite bit from the new Spiderman movie is that when he goes to the Homecoming dance he's wearing a white rose in his lapel. It's so Galahad, virginal knight. Despite its blockbuster slot, the movie paid attention to tone and small signals. Oh, I also liked, "Hey Spiderman, do a flip!!" a whole lot. And Ned! I was successful in having low expectations for this one and was really charmed. I smiled a lot. The Avengers stuff in this did not charm me. All very military-industrial complex.

Windows 10 displays an icon in the middle of the screen before login. It's a generic user, the suggestion of a head on shoulders. Or is it a very depressed cyclops?

No world news here. I am resolutely turning the radio down when djt comes on. I'll be trying to get the kids ready for their start of school next week. I'll be wondering if we'll have clear skies for the eclipse in ten days. I'll be tending to my dog in the cone of shame.

She's worn it so long now that she's willing to bump it into the floor and obstacles now. Originally she wouldn't even lay down with it on so she's adapted a lot. I'm sorry for her but she's chewed the scab off her foot over and over and we've got to do what it takes to let that heal completely. Maybe she can spend the second half of August without a cone on her head.

Lots of painted lady butterflies have visited the Joe Pye weed that we have in the front yard: