Friday, December 29, 2017

Hinge of the year

Go out in style
All righty 2017, I've read almost all of Tom and Lorenzo's Best and Worst fashion of the year posts. And then I'll be done with you. You can shuffle off, shoo, be gone.

If you want a laugh take a look at Topeka's forecast for the new year. Hideous! Here's the National Weather Service's icon for what's coming:
Sunday: Mostly sunny and cold, with a high near 6. North wind around 10 mph.

And yet we don't have 54 inches of snow so there's always someone who has it worse. I'm feeling quite pleased to be headed to Albuquerque on the first for a week of 50 degree highs.

Feast day
Our tree was more surrounded with boxes and bags on xmas morning than I had expected. We had a good time opening and it was the Sweatshirt Noel for three out of the five of us. MIL flew up for the holiday and was sweet and easy to please as usual. She is the most Pollyanna person I've ever known. I did have to hide my eye roll when I asked her to help peel potatoes for the holiday meal. She picked up the first one and examined it gently, "This is a lovely potato." I realize now that I should have asked her what features she noticed that made it exceptionally lovely. That one particular brown, lumpy potato. But at the time I just wanted to gnash my teeth. 

The rib roast cost $27 dollars before tax and was worth it. I did the slow roast technique from J.O.C. and got it done to a beautiful medium rare.

Look ahead
Amend is my one word resolution. Let's make something better out of this mess. I will try.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Floating world

Better now
I forgot to mention in the last post that I went ahead and had a tantrum after knocking the tree over twice on Monday night. Not proud of myself. Last night I had a cooler head and Nod managed to get the blessed four-point holder to work. Our tree is a little wonky but stable which is miles better than straight as a die and tippy. It's lighted now and ready for baubles.

Blue flash
A blue jay has been hopping in trees near the office today with a very conversational call. Like ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-keh but not screechy like jays usually are. Very cute, good birb. Here's a page with a lot of appreciative blue jay info  including this good description of that call:
"Frequently heard in the autumn gathers is a chuckling, conversational kuk. This note differs widely in its mode of delivery. It may be extended into a bubbling chatter--a sort of twittering laugh--or, ranging up and down in pitch, it may run off into pretty, rambling phrases. The voice is not loud, and we have to be near the bird to appreciate the charm of the phrasing." 
I now have a crush on author Arthur Bent as well as my handsome jay.

What day is it 
At work this week every day feels like Friday but is not Friday, a little Limbo of a week. Slightly disappointing but could be worse. There are fewer of us around every day and the holiday is gathering it's strength to pounce. I've made one deadline and have worked much harder than I expected to so far.

Soothing Brits
I have gotten discs from the library and am enjoying New Tricks. (I keep wanting to call it Old Dogs.) It's the tv equivalent of a police-procedural-cosy mystery. Not as twee as many run on PBS but similarly light on the gore and grim. Good word play and good leads. I tried one ep of Broadchurch and it made me cry over a child murder and that was enough.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jingle it

Happy holidays to all. I knocked over this tree twice last night trying to add lights. That @#*$& four point tree stand is of limited use. I may go get a galvanized bucket and some rocks.

A bad motto would be: Stay awake for the holidays!

My gingerbread cookies were dangerously delicious. Good thing we've eaten or given away all of them. Next batch in time for my mother-in-law to hit town on Saturday. I may do another couple of pies just to prove to the pie crust that I have its number. Still haven't decided on a holiday meat idea. I think I'm turkeyed out but I haven't come up with an alternative yet.

I'm making more of these because I can give some away and we can eat the rest of themyomyumyom.

I love the colors of twilight at this time of year. I just wish that light would last longer. Remember to breathe. Watch for stars and angels.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Some findings from here and there about the internet, pasted on a page.  


The universe is indifferent. We have the choice to not be.

The above paraphrased from


From mimismartypants on Twitter: Holy SHIT this is funky. #NowPlaying "Holy Ghost" by The Bar-Kays .


A lovely list from the recent Metafilter discussion of recommended food blogs. 

Suggested blogs:
Minimalist Baker  fab photos   Smitten-ish  looked at this, v. nice  J Pepin! Me, My Food, and I  canning and preserving mostly
Cookie and Kate
Love and Lemons  newsy  newsy


A set of four fragrances from Demeter:  Candy Cane Truffle (mint and chocolate), Gingerbread (sexy spicy), Mistletoe (unisex evergreen), Christmas in New York (egg nog, apples, spices, chestnuts). I'm greedy for the foursome but maybe all I really need is Frasier Fir. Or some Molasses?