Friday, January 26, 2018

Good stuff

Upward spiral
I recommend this article I found posted in Twitter by Jennifer Ouellette, science journalist. Vagal health (unconscious nerve regulating heart rate, respiration and a lot of other things) improved by good feelings which are also improved by more perceived social connection. A persuasive reason to do loving kindness mediation, the Buddhist prayers for safety and serenity for one's self and all other beings.

Experimental armpit
First phase: I switched to unscented deodorant. Second phase: after a few days it was better but I still had a slight rash. Third phase: I proceeded to read the ingredients list of all the unscented deodorants I could find. Most of them I was surprised to learn contain "fragrance (masking fragrance)" which means that they will still expose my tender pit to the thing that makes it red and itchy. So I bought one of these that has no fragrance in the ingredients at all. Fourth phase: in addition to not enjoying the wet application, I am not noticing much effectiveness. I don't think it's much different from going entirely without and I don't like it.

Current phase: today I tried my husband's A&H unscented. I think 'unscented' is not the right word although I don't have a better one. It may not have artificial fragrance added but it does have things that smell in it: Chamomille Oil, Coriandrum Seed Oil, Geranium Flower Oil, Orange Oil, and Comfrey Root (not sure if that smells or not). It also contains triclosan which I don't like in my toothpaste or hand soap but which may be effective in this area. I am getting better results so far today which included presenting in a webinar so there was some nervous sweat a-going.

Petit pot d'yaourt
I have a new yogurt crush. I have been on a long journey to find the perfect yogurt for my 10:30 am workday snack. The varieties available in my local grocery stores are many and always evolving. It seems like I find one I like and then it's discontinued or changes too much and I have to find another. That will probably continue to happen. But I am going to appreciate this moment in which I love Yplait's Oui, vanilla. I don't like any of the other flavors I've tried because they have a bottom layer of sweeter stuff that doesn't please me with its texture or its taste (I've tried strawberry and coconut). I end up just eating the yogurt above and leaving the layer on the bottom. I love the glass container! I love the size! I love that it's not too sweet.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Late breaking

Guess what I found in the dishwasher's silverware basket? A very clean cubic zirconium earring! One trivial mystery is solved. And I get to be sparkly on both ears! I need to find some of those plastic safety stoppers for the wires.

My light-headedness went away and the latest bodily mystery is a low back of the head ache when I bend over. So I think sinus stuff is going on.

Achievement: consumer
K and I recycled an old tv and some old cell phones last weekend at bstby. It was quick and I don't even regret the $25 fee. I had a little festival of consuming and bought three tops and two dresses at the thrift store and a new dog bed for the hound.

Achievement: clean
She approved and is covering it with her hair right now. L and I took her to the dog washatorium. I wish we'd remembered to brush her first. Good to get that over with anyhow.

Achievement: DUMI left the car windows open overnight during thunderstorms. Am so glad to get my stupid certificate renewed for another month.

My hair is about a month overdue. The good news is that I have more length to work with. The bad news is that I hacked at my bangs and am now feeling too lowly to do anything with them. Either they are in my eyes and a little wild or I have them clipped which makes me feel a little juvenile. Haircut appointment on Sat am can't come too quick.

New hobby: trapper
I have caught one mouse so far. After we heard the snap, Zing went behind the stove and carried the still kicking mousie and the attached trap out. Thanks, cat. I flung it into the backyard to expire unobserved. I am finding the baiting and setting very interesting. I guess I *do* have a predator drive.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trivial Mysteries plus Anxiety and Attention

Today's body mystery: why am I feeling light headed? I ate something recently so it shouldn't be blood sugar. I don't have sinus pressure. Such a wondrous complexity is a body!

Yesterday's object mystery: where did K's last antibiotic pill go? She took the one on the day before and there should have been one more oblong white pill in a white blister square. But it wasn't in the box on the dining table where we'd seen them last. I expect to find it in a corner of the room in three months' time. I hope missing the last of a Z-pack doesn't impact her health or cause a spike in antibiotic resistant bacteria. Shrug.

K had flu last week and got the whole nasty thing: aches, cough with piercing sore throat, fever and chills. She got past the fever part but was still waking us up with coughing at night and looked weak. Took her to the doc and got the Z-pack and codeine cough syrup and she brightened up quickly.

Object mystery, part II: Oh! I have another object mystery and this one's really getting my goat because I could have prevented it: where is my other cubic zirconia earring?! I just bought these in ABQ in a fit of sparkly self indulgence. They're not super expensive but at least $20 at Target and now I'm reduced to wearing just one, piratically. I wore them to the movies and remember getting home and verifying that they were both in my ears. The right one had the wire partway out and I thought, I'll have to watch that. I am so regretting not taking them off that instant. I cooked several things and then realized I was down to one. Couldn't find it in kitchen/dining room. Did it fall in the trash? Come to me, o tiny sparkly thing!

Our post-Christmas messiness continues apace and it's hard to find anything. This is so much better than it was when the kids were little. They mostly keep their stuff in their rooms and we do more regular pick ups. But I'm ready for a wave of spring cleaning.

Deep freeze anxiety
I'm tired of making sure that the hall bathroom sink is dripping and worrying about whether the pipes will freeze. We had the worst day on Tuesday when it was so cold in the evening that I couldn't be comfortable anywhere in the house except in bed with covers on. We were all walking around grumbling and cursing softly, like cats that got wet by accident. It's better now and supposed to keep warming. Come here, you extra degrees.

Attention paid
Went to the Future Cities parent night last night. Got to watch our 8th grader and her friends present their project and talk about the cool technology and quality of life they designed. All the teams were a little heavy on the devices that monitor citizens' health and wellness in order to intervene if necessary. The theme was helping elderly population life a good quality life but I guess I need to mention it to my daughter that medical/government/social worker monitoring might not be the way everyone wants to live. Her group is the oldest and they were great and all I can do is fan.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Image from here.

Time to start afresh. Or at least start, I don't know that I'm all the way to fresh.

NM was wonderful. Teen and I hiked the Pino trail which goes up and up through scrub, pinons, ponderosas and more. I finally realized when we turned around, due to my getting light headed at altitude, that this parade of pines was not a coincidence - the trail is named for them after all. I had seen the trail on the map and the more than 2500' of ascent and laughed. But it is not straight up and we had a wonderful time going up for about an hour and 45 min. Faster coming down!

Then I found a contrasting hike for the next day: Kasha Katuwe, Tent Rocks. Some place I'd never been and it was a beautiful adventure through the tufa slot canyon. It's all water and wind eroded like a tiny Grand Canyon.

Good to spend some time with my mom and not feel rushed. We got some of her chores done but the curtain hardware defeated us. I met her neighbor who does a lot for her. I'm humbled by the way they watch out for my mother. It would be good to be closer. I think.

Saw a friend and we had a very nice talk. I regret running away after we'd finished our tea. I should have ordered an eclair to go to justify the table. But good to see AT for a quick reunion at least. She's such a graceful woman as she moves through this world.